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Good morning, and Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a great weekend. I kept with a theme this week because I had a lot of hair questions. So, read on about blow dryers, purchasing product at the salon, and tipping the assistant to the stylist.

Dear Brooke, I have been styling my hair for years with a round brush and a blow dryer…this may seem like kind of a dumb question, but what the heck is that little “cold” button for on my dryer? Stephanie B.

Dear Stephanie, Let me start by saying this is not a dumb question. I have many years in this industry and there are still tools that have features I either don’t use, or I don’t know what they are for. When you are using your blow dryer to style, the heat from the dryer opens up the cuticle on the hair shaft and allows the hair to mold to the shape of the brush, or curler you are styling with. The cold button closes the cuticle of the hair so the hair will hold the style. It’s not something you HAVE to use, but it does help with setting a style and adding shine. I personally like to use the cold button on my face when my bathroom just gets way too hot from the hair dryer heat!

Dear Brooke, I get my hair cut at a pretty fancy salon. I budget in my cut and color because I don’t want to give that up, but when I go to pay at the end of my service, I feel tons of pressure to buy the products my stylist is recommending. What’s up with the pressure? Am I required to spend more money than I already have? Amanda K.

Dear Amanda, Sorry you are feeling pressured to purchase from your stylist. Most stylists get extra commission from product sales, and that’s why they are showing you product at the end of your service…but that’s not the only reason. If you’ve been going to your stylist for a while, they know your hair, and they know the products they use, so they are most likely just wanting to show you what’s best for your hair. You are under no obligation to purchase anything extra. Try to keep in mind that most people in this business, myself included, are just so excited about certain products and they want to shout it to the world. You may be mistaking their enthusiasm for pushy-ness. If you really feel that’s not the case, a simple “no, thank you. I have plenty of shampoo (conditioner, gel, etc.) at home” will do.

Dear Brooke, I love my stylist and have been seeing him for years. In the past year, he’s added an assistant. I always give him a generous tip, but I hadn’t been tipping his assistant. Just recently I saw one of his other clients give the assistant a tip. Now I feel bad. Should I have been tipping this person all along for just shampooing my hair? Shelley S.

Dear Shelley, I am so glad you sent me this question. When I first started off as an assistant, I got skipped over a lot when it came to tips. The answer, in short, is yes, you should be tipping the assistant to your stylist. Assistants don’t make much money at all…minimum wage at best. Granted they are getting extended education in the industry and learning from the pros first hand. If a stylist can afford an assistant, they are definitely someone you want to be learning from. But, the assistant doesn’t just shampoo your hair. They do everything from mixing hair color, to shampooing client’s hair, to blow drying, to sweeping up hair. Not to mention all errands in between, like “fetching” lunch, coffee, etc. That being said, the best thing I can suggest is to give the assistant $2 minimum for a shampoo. If they do any other services on you, add at least $1 extra for each additional service. Applying your color, Blow drying your hair…those are additional services. I know a lot of people don’t like to even tip the stylist because of how much they are making on the service alone, but believe me when I tell you the assistant isn’t making much. Plus, once you build a relationship with the assistant, you will have another stylist in the salon you can trust if your stylist ever has an emergency!

Thanks so much for the great questions. Send me your questions for Q&A Monday at brookeknowsbeauty@hotmail.com

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