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Someone recently asked me, if I had to choose 3 products I want, what would I choose? I’ve often wished I had a genie in a beauty bottle, and she would grant me 3 beauty wishes. My first wish, of course, would be for more wishes, but we all know that’s not allowed in this game. Although that doesn’t seem fair, if you ask me. I am the first to admit, I have an excess of products and I’ll always want more. So, I thought about what 3 things I would wish for from my genie in a beauty bottle.

The first thing I would want, because this is a new product I must have, is The Opal by Clarisonic. First of all, let me point out that it is named after a fine gemstone…that right there got my attention when I first heard of this product. The Opal is a great little tool that’s going to make fine lines and wrinkles disappear around the eye area. Unfortunately, I’ve started noticing some aging around my eyes, and that’s unacceptable! I’ve seen The Opal in action, and anyone I know who has one, has loved the immediate results and they look forward to the long-term results. Wanting one badly, so Genie, please grant me this wish ASAP!!! Read about The Opal here.

The second thing I would ask from Genie would be to own everything from Pacifica! Even though that’s multiple products, I believe it counts as one wish…plus, it’s my game and I can tweak the rules if I want to! If you’ve read any of my work, you know I’m obsessed with Pacifica and I want one of everything, from every scent they have. Pacifica is amazing, and the way the scents are blended make for amazing products. I have yet to be disappointed from anything by Pacifica. The only thing that disappoints me is I don’t have enough of it!

For my third, and unfortunately final, wish I would ask for the Sultra Seductress. Love the name! This is a styling tool that looks like a straightening iron but it’s called a styling tool because not only does it straighten, but it can curl your hair, and give you those waves we keep seeing on the red carpet but can never recreate at home. I’ve had the luxury of signing this product out from work, and I didn’t want to return it. This styling tool is really amazing. People with fine hair that won’t hold a curl will love this, and people with hair so thick it won’t do anything because the weight of their hair pulls the style out, will also love this. Once you get those curls or waves in, they’re there all day. Want one, need one!

Those are my 3 beauty wishes, what about yours? If you had a genie in a beauty bottle at your service, what would you choose? Can’t wait to hear!

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