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Good morning and Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a great weekend. Thanks for the great questions this week! Read on about hair care after swimming, long eyelashes, and how to use professional hair color at home.

Dear Brooke, I took the kids swimming and rinsed my hair after, but I couldn’t help thinking it looked green (my biggest fear in the summer with blonde hi-lites). If it was green – what would you recommend? Is rinsing enough or do I need to take shampoo to the pool showers? Angelia S.

Dear Angelia, Blonde hair and chlorine…not the best of friends! If you are noticing a green cast to your hair after swimming, the I would definitely recommend bringing shampoo with you next time you swim. If you’ve been in the pool for a lengthy time, paired with sun exposure, rinsing isn’t going to be enough. There are tons of great shampoos designed for treating hair after swimming. I happen to really like Shampoo Three by Paul Mitchell. Any clarifying shampoo will work though. Also, try treating your hair before you swim: comb conditioner through your hair and braid, or put in a pony tail. The conditioner will act as a barrier between your hair and the water, protecting it from becoming damaged. Let me know if that helps!

Dear Brooke, What do you know about eyelash trimming? My eyelashes tend to be really long, and they sometimes poke me in the eye. I wear contacts and this is annoying. Can I trim them down? How? I’m freaked out to do it! Joe F. 

Dear Joe, I love it when I get questions from men! Thanks! First, let me start by saying I only wish I had your problem. It seems to me that guys have the long eyelashes, the nice skin…don’t even get me started on the ability to lose weight easily!! You can trim your lashes, but it takes a steady hand. If you’re freaked out to do it, get someone to help you. The best way to do this is going to be with cuticle scissors. These are small scissors you can buy just about anywhere. Start on the outside of your eye and work your way in, just trimming the tips of your lashes. If you are doing this yourself, a magnifying mirror is a good idea to have. By just doing the tips of your lashes, this will help with keeping both sets of lashes looking even. Remember, lashes are hair, so they will grow back. If you like the results, you’ll have to keep up with the trimming.

Dear Brooke, I finally bought some professional color from Sally Beauty Supply, based on what I’ve read in your articles. I don’t want to use store-bought stuff anymore! I bought the color, and the developer, but I’m not sure I mixed it right. What’s the best way to mix color from a tube? Natalie J.

Dear Natalie, Well first let me say thank you for reading and taking my advice! It always feels good to know I’ve helped someone. Great choice in going with professional color. I buy a lot of my color from Sally Beauty Supply. I know the box the tube of color comes in has directions on it, but since it’s a professional product, I know it can be hard for someone without experience to understand the terms used. Some boxes of will have a number on the front of it that may look like this 1:2. This means use 1 part color and 2 parts developer…which means you squeeze out 1 ounce of color from the tube and use 2 ounces of developer for the best results. Most professional hair color brands take equal parts of product, which makes it pretty easy. If you use 1 ounce of color, mix it with 1 ounce of developer and you’re good to go. The ounces are marked on the side of the tube, and you can get a small cup with measurements on it to make sure you’re putting in the right amount of developer. Hopefully that sheds a little light on professional color and it’s not so overwhelming now.

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