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Good morning and Happy Monday! I hope you all had a great weekend. If you live in Colorado, I hope you stayed dry! We all know how much I love the heat…ha ha, so I personally enjoyed the weekend! Thanks for the questions this week! Read on about flaking mascara, yogurt facials, and lip liner…

Dear Brooke, I wear glasses and hate mascara to flake on my lenses. Do you recommend Latisse, or extensions. Or do you know of a good mascara that won’t flake? Help! Melissa F.

Dear Melissa, Thanks for the question…you always send me some really great ones. I know flaky mascara can be a pain, whether you wear glasses or not. I haven’t tried lash extensions, but I wouldn’t recommend them. They are over-priced and not worth the time, if you ask me…and you did! As far as Latisse, I have used something similar, and it does work, but again, it’s expensive. A couple of suggestions and tip I have picked up from people who wear glasses: Try a clear mascara. This will give your lashes definition, but you won’t have smudges or flakes since the product is clear. Another tip to try: apply your regular mascara to the base of your lashes only and then apply clear mascara to the tips. This will still give you that finished look of wearing mascara, but by applying clear to the tips, you won’t have the problem with flaking. I don’t wear glasses, but one of my favorite mascaras that doesn’t flake or smudge is Long Lash mascara by Laura Mercier. It doesn’t clump up on your lashes and it gives good definition. Good luck!

Dear Brooke, someone told me that yogurt is great for your skin. So, does that mean I should eat it to get the best benefits, or make a homemade mask out of it? If I make a mask, do I need to make my own yogurt? Jessica S.

Dear Jessica, To answer your 3 questions in one: Yes, Yes, and No. Yogurt is a good part of a healthy diet, so yes, eat it. Yogurt is great for your skin, so yes, make a mask out of it. No, you do not need to make your own yogurt. I wouldn’t even know where to start with that! Yogurt can do many wonderful things for your skin. Whether your skin is dull, dry, too oily or acne prone, yogurt will make your skin glow. Choose a plain yogurt…anything with too much sugar is going to counteract the benefits plain yogurt will have on your skin. If you are really dry, choose a plain yogurt with a higher fat content. Yogurt has antibacterial properties, so it can act as a cleanser, and the lactic acid in it soothes the skin. You can add all kinds of ingredients to personalize it just for you. My favorite yogurt face mask is, plain yogurt, honey and oatmeal. After you cleanse your face, mix the ingredients together and apply to your face for 10 minutes. As you rinse, use circular motions and the oatmeal will act as an exfoliant. Follow with your favorite moisturizer and there you are! Your skin will look brighter and feel softer. Let me know how it works for you!

Dear Brooke, I have a simple question. Is lip liner still popular? It seems the natural look is more “in” right now, but I’ve always used a liner with my lipstick. I don’t want to be behind the trends…what’s the deal? Joanne H.

Dear Joanne, Well, you’re right about the natural look being the trend right now, but that’s not to say that lip liner is a “don’t”. Honestly, I think anything goes. A lot of people like liner because it can help color from lipstick not bleed into fine lines around the lips, and a lot of people like lip liner because of the added definition if you have very thin lips. As long as your lips look natural and the color between your lip liner and your lipstick isn’t a major contrast, you are fine. If you like it, keep using it. If you’re looking for a more natural look, try a lip liner that is a neutral color that you can wear with just about anything. One of my favorite looks is a neutral lip liner and bronze lip gloss. Line your lips, and gently color in your lips with the liner and top with gloss. It looks polished, but natural.

Thanks again for the great questions. Email me your questions for Q&A Monday at brookeknowsbeauty@hotmail.com

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Product Review- Clinique Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector

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Clinique has been around for years and pretty much sells itself. I think just about everyone, at one point in their lives, has tried the 3-step system. I know I have. I’ll admit, I’ve never been a huge Clinique fan, but I have noticed that in keeping their tried-and-true products in their line, they are also keeping up with the trends and coming out with new products all the time.

I decided I wanted to try this new product I keep seeing advertised in magazines. Clinique Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector. The ads are somewhat catchy. It portrays this product with 3 eggs stacked up next to it. The bottom egg has plenty of spots, the middle one has fewer, and the top egg is perfectly porcelain. They are trying to show you what it will do for your skin over time. Who doesn’t want to erase sun damage and acne spots left behind and grasp that fountain of youth?

The product claims that in 4 weeks time, you will start seeing a uniform radiance, and in 12 weeks 53% reduction of sun spots and acne spots left behind. Most skin lighteners use hydroquinone as the lightening agent, but Clinique is proud to use CL-302 complex. Not exactly sure what it is, or what it’s derived from, but that’s supposed to be the “magic” behind this product. It also claims that even with the strength to lighten tough spots, it’s gentle enough to be used twice a day. Make sure you follow with a sunscreen for day time use…this is imperative. Any product that is going to lighten your skin, or slough off layers must be followed with a sunscreen.

I don’t mind adding a new product to my skin care routine. I love trying new things and seeing how they work and how they make my skin feel. This product comes in a 1 oz. bottle and retails for about $49.50. Not as pricey as some serums out there, but it’s a good chunk of change all the same.

I didn’t expect miracles right away; I know that a product that is going to erase damage from the past is going to take some time. I used this day and night for the duration of the product, which lasted just over 6 weeks. The amount of product that comes out is just enough for your entire face. I have to give them credit for that. I don’t like products with a controlled pump, because way too much always seems to come out and then I’ve wasted the product. It’s fragrance free, and the texture is very nice. It’s not thick or sticky, like some serums can be. Once it’s absorbed, you can’t tell you have a treatment product on your skin. These are all the positives of this product.

The negative of this product? Plain and simple: it did nothing for my skin. I used it diligently, day and night, for over 6 weeks and not only was there not this “overall radiance”, the spots I have on my face from blemishes left behind, and too much sun in my younger years, were still there…alive and kicking. After reading some online reviews, it sounds like the majority of people have the same thoughts. I know it claims to have 53% improvement at 12 weeks, but really, if there isn’t even a tiny improvement at 6 weeks, why continue? One would think that there would be some skin lightening going on at the halfway point. And, if it really takes 12 full weeks to see full improvement, why isn’t the product large enough to last that full 12 weeks so you can really see the difference? Or at least lower the price so people are willing to go all the way.

My theory on Clinique has always been: the 3-step system is so affordable because the rest of their products are expensive. They want to get you hooked on an easy skin care routine and then have you supplement to it with the rest of their products that cost way too  much. That’s just my opinion.

I am done with my bottle of Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector. Honestly, I celebrated the day the last of the product came out. It’s not worth it. If I want to use something that’s going to lighten spots on my skin, I will stick to products that contain hydroquinone, because I know that works. Clinique needs to step it up, because there’s nothing Clinical about this product.

Have you tried Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector? If so, what did you think? I would love to hear one good review on this product. Are you a Clinique skin care user? What do you like about their line? I look forward to your response.

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So Many Hairbrushes, Which One To Choose?

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Finding the right hair brush for you can be overwhelming. There are so many to choose from, how do you know which one is going to give you the best style, and which one is going to be your go-to brush when you just need a little grooming? Some of you may think, a brush is a brush, right? Well in some ways, yes. I mean, they all have bristles and handles and look relatively similar. But, just because they look similar doesn’t mean they perform the same. I mean, look at the Jonas Brothers…to me they look the same, but they each perform in different ways. I know that had nothing to do with brushes, but you get my drift. Let’s get back on track here. The shape of the brush, the bristles of the brush, and the core of the brush, allow the brush to do many different things. Whether it’s just for grooming, or for styling, I’m here to help you choose which brush is right for you.

The Paddle Brush: One of my all time favorite brushes. It looks like a small paddle with a soft cushion holding in the bristles. This brush is a multi-tasker, because it can be used for basic grooming, but it can also aid in styling. The paddle brush is great for people with long, thick hair, and it is also great for someone with a tender head. The cushion on a paddle brush really helps with a tender head because as you’re brushing, the bristles “give” a little and don’t cause so much pain when you have tangles. Perfect for kids who run when they see you coming with a brush. A paddle brush is also great for blow drying long hair that’s all one length.

The Vent Brush: Good for styling and basic grooming, but not a good choice for long hair that gets tangled easily. A vent brush is a brush that has openings on the back of the brush so air can move through it…like a vent. They are great with short styles and because of the vents, they allow the hair to dry faster. Once you master how to style with a vent brush, you will wonder what you ever did without it. Not my personal favorite, because I don’t have short hair and I have a tender head. (Yes, I am a princess and I need my paddle brush.)

The Round Brush: Perfect for styling all types of hair because they come in so many sizes. The shorter your hair, the smaller the brush you will want to choose. A round brush is used to smooth the hair and create the perfect blow out. Your hair shouldn’t wrap around the barrel of the brush more than twice, for the best results. If you use a brush that is really small on really long hair, you will probably end up with a tangled mess. Not to mention, it will take you twice as long to style your hair if you use a small brush. I prefer a round brush with a metal core, because when you are heat styling, your blow dryer will heat up the core and help shape your hair to the shape of the brush resulting in a lot of volume and movement. A great tip when you are using a metal core round brush: when you are finished styling, wrap a section in the crown of your hair around the brush and blow dry for a few seconds. With your hair still wrapped in the brush, blast it with cold air from the blow dryer for a few seconds. This will help seal the cuticle of your hair into this style and give you extra volume where you want it.

The Thermal Flat Brush: Think of the paddle brush and a metal core round brush merged into one. Thermal flat brushes are great for straightening the hair. Because the metal base of this brush heats up when used while blow drying, it acts as a straightening tool for your hair. I like to use it to prep the hair for the straightening iron. I can never get mine perfectly straight with just the brush, but it works great to dry it with a thermal flat brush and then finish the top layer with a straightening iron.

There you have it. Some basic tips on brushes and which ones to choose. What’s your favorite brush? Do you like brushes with a metal core or do you prefer ones without?

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Soothe A Sunburn

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Have a little too much fun in the sun? It seems, once we are in the throes of winter, we forget how fast we can get burned by the sun once summer rolls around. It’s nice out, you’re having fun, you applied your sunscreen but you lost track of the time to reapply it because you were enjoying the heat…well, most of you were. I, on the other hand, cannot stand the heat so I don’t play in the sun too much. I know, I’m a kill-joy. But, just because I fully admit that I can’t stand the heat, it doesn’t mean I haven’t suffered a burn a time or two. So, for those of you who have been basking in the heat and have the red skin to prove it, here are some tips to soothe the burn until your skin readjusts.

While you can’t cure, or get rid of, a sunburn you can treat it and get some relief. I love a good home remedy, and there are a couple of things to soothe the burn right in your kitchen. Milk is a great burn relief. Pour some into a bowl and let it come to room temperature, then soak a cotton ball in the milk and apply to your sunburn. Let it sit for about 20 minutes and then rinse it off. If you don’t rinse it, the milk will spoil and smell rotten…meaning you will, too. It’s bad enough you look like a lobster, you don’t want to smell like rotten milk, do you? Repeat this process every few hours for maximum relief. Veggies can help, too! Take some slices of cucumber, potato or apple and apply to the burn. The coolness will help you feel some relief and the veggies and fruits will help with inflammation.

Tea isn’t just for your tub! See Tea For Two, Tea For…Your Tub on the benefits of Tub Tea. Make some strong tea and let it cool. F Y I: this process may stain your clothes so make sure you wear something you don’t mind if it gets ruined. Let the tea cool and use cotton gauze or a towel to make a compress with the tea. Place the compress gently onto the burn. The tea will help draw some of the heat out and relieve inflammation.

A cold bath with oatmeal or baking soda will help soothe the burn as well. Let’s not forget Mother Nature’s oldest sunburn relief remedy: Aloe Vera. Place the gel from inside the plant’s leaves onto your burn. It will help cool off the sunburn and give you some relief. A stinky, yet effective, way to cool the burn…vinegar. Yup, vinegar! You can fill a spray bottle with vinegar and water and spray the effected areas, or pour some vinegar into a cool bath and soak for about 20 minutes. The vinegar will take the sting away.

Away from home and can’t do a home remedy? No problem, there are also ready-made products out there that can offer you some relief as well. Try Burt’s Bees After Sun Soother. I love Burt’s Bees and this ultra-hydrating treatment can be used on your body and your face. Banana Boat also makes an after sun lotion, as well as aloe vera gel for relief.

Try to avoid getting burned by applying a good sunscreen 15-30 minutes before exposing yourself to the sun. Remember to reapply every 2 hours, especially if you’re in the water…even waterproof sunscreen needs to be reapplied. Stay safe this summer, and take care of your skin! While you’re all basking in the heat…I’ll be seeking out any place I can sit in the A/C!!

How do you treat sunburn? Have you tried any of the remedies mentioned here, or is there a particular product you rely on? I look forward to your response!

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Q&A Monday

For all your beauty advice…

Good morning, and Happy Monday! I hope you all had a great weekend. I’ve been getting some great questions from my readers, thank you very much. Today we’re talking about dry scalp home treatment, nail polish and beauty school. Read on…

Dear Brooke, I have an itchy, dry scalp around my hairline. I just don’t have the funds to purchase a treatment, so my question for you is, can I use olive oil and a shower cap as a homemade treatment? Melissa F.

Dear Melissa, Olive oil is a great scalp treatment! I have recommended it in the past to my clients who not only have dry scalp, but they have extremely dry hair. If it’s just your scalp you are having a problem with, brush your scalp to loosen up the dry skin and the apply the olive oil and let it sit for at least 10 minutes. Then wash your hair like you normally do to wash out the oil. If your hair is really dry, apply the olive oil to your scalp and brush it through to the ends of your hair, put on a shower cap to warm it up and hold the moisture in and leave on for about 20 minutes. You’ll get a deep condition right along with treating your scalp. Good luck and let me know how it works!

Dear Brooke, You’ve talked about the shelf life of every day products like eyeshadow, mascara, etc. But, what about nail polish? I’ve had a few colors for years because I love the color and then it’s not made any more. Does nail polish have a shelf life? Nicole A.

Dear Nicole, That’s a really good question. I, too, have held on to certain nail polishes because the color is no longer made. It’s been suggested to me that you should dispose of your polish after a year, but in my personal opinion, if it still goes on smooth and it’s not getting thick and lumpy, you can still use it. If it’s pretty new and it’s starting to get thick you can buy a polish thinner or you can add a few drops of polish remover into the bottle to thin it out. Most professionals think that polish remover will dilute the color, but I’ve never had that happen. It pretty much comes down to the condition of the product. Still smooth and glides on nice: keep. Thick and lumpy: toss.

Dear Brooke, I’ve been wanting to go to beauty school for hair, but lately I’ve developed a deep interest in skin care and I am thinking of studying to become an esthetician instead of a cosmetologist. What would you do? Rebecca M.

Dear Rebecca, Welcome to my world! When I was looking into which beauty school to attend, I couldn’t find one that offered a program on becoming an esthetician. All the schools offered cosmetology or nails. My focus has always been skin care, but I realized that if I got my cosmetology license, I could do it all. Hair, skin, and nails. Schools have gotten pretty savvy now and they offer courses on just becoming an esthetician, but if you once had an interest in hair, that interest may still be there down the road. I say go for the cosmetology license. Even though the main focus will be on hair, you will still learn what estheticians do. Once you get your license, you can supplement your knowledge with some extra classes and get certified in chemical peels and microdermabrasion, etc. I’ve never regretted getting my cosmetology license and I have worked as a nail tech, a hairstylist and an esthetician. You will always be able to find a job if you have your license…there’s a lot to be said for that in this day and age! Good luck, and tell me what you decide!

Thanks for the great questions! Email me your questions for Q&A Monday at brookeknowsbeauty@hotmail.com

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I Want To Live In The World Of Pacifica

For all your beauty advice…

You’ve heard me say it before, and you’ll hear me say it again. You’ll hear me say it so many times until I make you agree with me…I love Pacifica! I am so in love with this product line, it’s kind of funny. I want to live in the world of Pacifica! Seriously, if they offered me a job, I would be on the first plane out of Denver. Hint hint…

Why do I love Pacifica so much? Anyone familiar with the line might expect me to say the reason I love this line so much is, it’s natural and environmentally conscious. I admit, I struggle with being “green”, and I’m trying harder to make that a priority when I purchase products, but that’s not the reason I fell in love. The answer is simply, they smell amazing. I see lotions and shower gels and candles all the time and nothing has gotten my attention like this in a long time. After awhile you think, if you’ve smelled one fragrance, you’ve smelled them all, right? Not with this line! The fragrances are so unique and they smell so good, it’s like a breath of fresh air in the world of perfume.

Another great thing? They are affordable, and that’s a pretty big deal. How often do you come across something you fall in love with and you fall over from sticker shock when you get a look at the price? I hate that! Pacifica products are very affordable. The spray fragrances retail for $22 and the solid fragrances are $9. For what you pay for the average bottle of fragrance, you can get 3 or more products from this line. Quantity AND Quality! You can’t find that too often, if you ask me. If you’re looking for a gift for someone, get something from this line. Trust me, it will be the gift that stops the show and gets the oohs and ahs. While you’re at it, pick up something for yourself…it’s affordable, and you deserve it!

 I wasn’t a big fan of solid perfume until I came across Pacifica’s solid perfume. It’s a unique multi-tasker because not only can you use it as perfume, you can also use it on the ends of your hair to nourish dry ends and tame fly aways. I have decided to make it my goal to have a solid perfume in every scent they make. You’ve got to have a goal, right? A few of my favorite scents in this line are Brazilian Mango Grapefruit and Tuscan Blood Orange. I also really like Bali Lime Papaya, but an insider told me it’s going away. I really hope they were wrong and misinformed me, because it smells amazing.

This is such an excellent product, believe me! Excellent quality, excellent price, excellent smell! And, it doesn’t hurt that the creator of this fabulous line shares my first name! I can’t wait to meet her one day and give her the praise she truly deserves.

Now, on to my exciting news! Pacifica has extended a very generous offer to my readers and fans…a secret sale! Who loves a sale?? And when it’s secret, it’s even better. From now until June 8th, when you purchase products from pacificaperfume.com you will get 25% off your entire purchase! Just enter in the code brooke10 at checkout and save some money!! Do it!! You won’t be disappointed! Thank you, Pacifica, for this awesome opportunity!!

Have you tried anything from this line? Let me know your thoughts and if you love it as much as I do! Also, if you order, share your experience with me and tell me what you think. Have a great weekend everyone!

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For all your beauty advice…

I have exciting news I want to share with my readers and fans! One of my ALL TIME favorite brands is offering us a secret sale!! You’ve read that I love, love, LOVE products by Pacifica. Well, they have extended a very generous offer to all of you on my behalf. Go to pacificaperfume.com and enter in the code brooke10 to receive 25% off your entire purchase. Trust me when I tell you that the fragrances will absolutely blow you away! Two of my personal favorites are Brazilian Mango Grapefruit and Tuscan Blood Orange. Take advantage of this offer for so many reasons…#1 it rocks, really, it truly does. #2 These environmentally friendly products support local businesses…creating jobs for us! #3 even though this line is truly affordable without this amazing discount, you will be sorry if you don’t take advantage of it now!

This special offer is good through June 8th. So, get your fingers moving and get to pacificaperfume.com and enter in the code brooke10 at checkout to get your 25% off!!

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The Perfect Pedicure

For all your beauty advice…

It’s officially sandal season! That time of the year when we break out our cute shoes that show off our cute toes. Unless you’ve neglected those toes all winter long, then it’s time to hit the spa and get a pedicure. What’s that? You can’t afford to get a pedicure?? Join the club. The good news is, you can easily give yourself a spa-worthy pedicure right at home. The bad news…well, I don’t believe in bad news, so it’s just good news all around. Just follow the steps I’m going to give you and your toes will be sandal-ready in no time!

Start by removing your old nail polish. You know, the stuff that’s been on your toes since last September and is now just a dot of polish on your big toe. Even if you don’t have any polish on, give your toenails a good swipe to get the surface rid of any oils. Trim toenails with a clipper, but don’t go too short, that hurts! File nails straight across (this looks best on toes and helps prevent ingrown nails) making sure to file in one direction…don’t saw back and forth with the file, that isn’t good for your nails.

Now comes the best part. Fill a foot bath, or container large enough to soak your feet, with warm to hot water, depending on what you prefer. You can put in your favorite shower gel and soak in bubbles or you can put a few tablespoons of baking soda in the water to help soften your feet as well. Enjoy this part! Like I said, it’s the best part. It’s actually the only part of a pedicure I like, I am so ticklish I have a hard time letting others do this for me. Sit back with a magazine or a good book and soak away. Let your feet soak for 5-10 minutes to soften cuticles and to prepare your feet for the exfoliation process.

Next, use a scrub on your feet to slough away calluses and to soften your heels. You can also use a pumice stone in this step to concentrate on rough heels and other spots that a scrub won’t take away. Put your feet back in the water to rinse the product off your feet; get your hands in the water to really rinse away any of the scrub left behind between your toes and on your nails. Now that your cuticles are nice and soft, apply cuticle remover to your nails and take a cuticle pusher to gently push them back. If you’re not afraid to do a little trimming here, use a cuticle nipper to cut away the cuticles, but be careful not to cut too close. Rinse your feet again and get ready for the massage.

You can do this step yourself, or bribe someone to do it for you, but moisturizing is very important. I know a lot of people do a home pedicure and skip this step because they don’t have time. Like soaking, you can make this part as short or as long as you like. Use a foot cream, or any moisturizer you like, and massage into your feet and calves. You just took away all that dead skin to expose the new skin, so it needs to be treated and have that moisture put back. Once you’re done massaging, clean the surface of your toenails again with a quick swipe of alcohol or polish remover. If there is any residue left on your nails, the polish won’t dry or it will look lumpy…don’t you just hate it when you polish your nails and you see bumps in there?

Time to polish! Pick a fun color for your toes…it’s sandal season, make them bright! I think using toe-spacers are a must. Keeping the toes separate helps you apply the polish evenly and helps them dry. Start with a base coat to prevent the polish from staining your nails. Apply 2 coats of nail polish and let them dry. Once they are dry, apply a top coat for a layer of protection, and some added shine. There you go! An at-home pedicure to get your feet ready for the season. Easy enough to do on yourself, right?

You can pick up the supplies you need just about anywhere. Sally Beauty Supply is going to be the best place to get what you need, but most of us probably have everything we need for a home pedicure already.

Do you do home pedicures or do you splurge and get them done at a spa? What’s your favorite part of a pedicure?

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Beauty On A Budget…Details Bath And Body

For all your beauty advice…

I’ve discovered something…Walgreen’s is the poor man’s Sephora. Any time I have to run in and grab something quick at Walgreen’s, I always cut through the beauty department to see what they have. And, any time I “just cut through” this department, I always get sidetracked for a good 10 minutes or more. Just like at Sephora, there is always something new in the Walgreen’s beauty department. Funny I say department, it’s more like a section or a long aisle! But, there is always something new, or something that didn’t catch my eye the last time I was there. I kind of feel like a bit of a nerd that I mention Walgreen’s a lot, but they have some good stuff in there. Plus, it’s been a request from my readers to report as often as I can on the products you find at these stores that are in the affordable range.

I didn’t need another shower gel or body butter, but I found them. Hidden on the back wall, I saw a cute display of gift sets and bath and body products by Details. I think what first caught my eye, besides the sale at the time of buy one get one free, was the labeling on the products. Splashes of color and tropical names. I desperately need and want a vacation, so I am strongly attracted to things that suggest paradise to me right now. There were a lot of different choices in this line as far as products and scents. The only complaint I have about buying new things at discount stores is, there are no testers to smell and try before you buy. It’s a bit of a risk sometimes, but with the low price, it’s a risk worth taking.

The products come in generous sizes and are priced at about $6.00 each. The shower gel I chose was Tropical Garden. Because I couldn’t smell it without opening it and forcing the store to damage out the product, my choice was based completely on the name. It has a very light vanilla fragrance mixed together with fruit and flower scents. I was pleasantly surprised by how nice it smells. The next test was to see if it would lather to my liking. Sometimes, when you purchase a really inexpensive body wash, you get very few bubbles and I don’t like that. This creates a nice lather that lasts a long time. Once I rinsed off and dressed for the day, I could still smell the scent on my skin very lightly, but it was so nice, I was kind of wishing I would have picked up the body spray. Maybe next time.

The second product I picked up was the body butter in Coconut Coast. I’ve never smelled a product with coconut scent in it that I didn’t like, so I knew I would be safe with the fragrance of this one. What I was worried about was the body butter itself. I love lotion, hand cream, foot cream, you name it. But, body butter is always hit or miss with me. Sometimes, it’s too thick and won’t absorb into your skin and you feel greasy all day. Sometimes it’s not thick at all and you’re wondering how the heck it can be labeled as “butter” when you can pour it into your hand. So, how does this one measure up? Excellent product! Not too thick, absorbs into your skin and, like the shower gel, leaves a subtle scent behind that makes you want more.

I will definitely purchase these products again, and now that I know how good they are, I will be adding more to my collection…not that I need it. They have shower gel, hand wash, hand and body lotion, body butter, and body mist to choose from. Details Bath and Body products can only be found at Walgreen’s. (Hey Walgreen’s, listen up! Put this line where people can see it better!) It can also be found online at detailsbathandbody.com

Have you tried any products from Details? Tell me what you think! If you haven’t, and you try them based on this review, write to me and tell me your thoughts on the products. I love feedback!

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