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The first time I heard about e.l.f., also known as Eyes Lips Face, was by a very excited phone call from someone telling me that Nordstrom bought out this company and has to sell all the stock with the e.l.f. name on it and you can stock up for only a dollar! There was such urgency, I had to check it out. I found their website and started shopping! But, as I was shopping around and frantically adding things to my cart so I wouldn’t miss out on a sale, I noticed that their site was going strong and there was no breaking news banner announcing this big deal with Nordstrom. So I started Googling. (God, I love Google!) Come to find out, it’s a scam…some mass email was going out to people saying this, and there was never any truth to it according to Nordstrom. I don’t know why it started, some think it was being used to phish information from people, but it just wasn’t true. Did I want to try this makeup still? Yes, I was curious, but now that I knew there wasn’t some big rush, I calmly deleted my shopping cart and decided to wait for another time.

Another time came just a few weeks ago. I like finding bargain products, I like finding any products, and trying them out to review. The first time I did Beauty On A Budget, Wet ‘N Wild was the star of the show because I got almost everything I tried for a dollar. e.l.f. is also known for having almost everything in their line priced at $1. Can’t beat that. I decided to give it a shot and see if it’s decent quality. I ordered a dozen products for $18.95. Each product was $1 and shipping was $6.95.

I went overboard on lipgloss…oops! I couldn’t help myself. The Hypershine lip gloss is identical to Stila Lip Glaze in the packaging. Same size, shape, and method of delivery. But, does it stand up to Stila? The answer to that is, yes! I was so impressed with this lip gloss. In my experience, cheap lip gloss is just that…cheap. It’s either way too sticky or feels like you’re putting oil on your lips because there is no consistency. This stuff is absolutely fantastic! While it does have a light scent to it, it does not have any kind of flavor to it, which I prefer. So many lip glosses have a little sweetness to them and that seems to make me lick my lips all the time. e.l.f. Hypershine gloss is awesome, and I’ll be getting more…when I can justify it!

I bought a couple of face products, too. Shimmering Facial Whip, All Over Color Stick, and Natural Radiance Blush. The All Over Color Stick is a good multitasker. It can be used as a bronzer, an eyeshadow, or a lipstick. It has a good consistency and doesn’t feel sticky. The same can be said with the Shimmering Facial Whip. It serves the same purpose as the All Over Color Stick, but it’s in a liquid form instead of solid. These two products are kind of an add-on, that you would use to highlight certain features…a finishing touch. I generally don’t use products like that, but I wanted to try something new, and at a dollar each, why not! The Natural Radiance Blush is nothing to write home about…so I won’t. Let me just say the color in the container was not what showed up on my face…barely anything showed up, so that tells me there isn’t much pigment there. Not worth it.

I ordered for lips, I ordered for face, and since this line is called Eyes Lips Face, I figured I better get some products for the eyes. I’ll be up front here and tell you this category of products disappointed me the most. I got an eyeshadow quad, a cream eyeshadow duo, a waterproof eye liner pen, a white eyeliner, and a mascara duo that sported regular mascara on one end, and waterproof mascara on the other end. The eyeshadow, much like the blush, was not true to the color at all. It stayed on through the day ok, but it really didn’t look like I had any on. The cream eyeshadow wasn’t true to the color at all…it was only ok. The waterproof eyeliner was hard to apply. It looks like a felt tip pen, but the tip on this was hard and it dragged at my eyes when I applied it. The same can be said for the white eyeliner. The biggest disappointment of all was the mascara. I applied and applied and applied and it looked like I wasn’t wearing any.

Bottom line? Stay away from the eye products, play with the face products, and stock up on the lip products! Have you tried e.l.f.? What are your thoughts on this product line? Can’t wait to hear!

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