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Move over tacky claw clips, there’s a new product on the market that’s kicking your butt!! Goody has come out with Spin Pins. I saw Spin Pins not too long ago and I passed right on by. They looked kind of boring and, really, what the heck was this tiny spiral of metal going to do for my hair? A lot, evidently. I didn’t think I would ever make the purchase, but a good friend of mine told me I absolutely HAD to have these. Ok, I value her opinion, so I picked them up…and I’m never turning back.

What are Spin Pins? Goody claims that these 2 little twirly pins will do the work of 20 bobby pins. They’re not kidding. Imagine trying to put your hair up for the day, and instead of placing numerous pins in your hair to make it stay, you only need 2. You know that girl you see at the mall, or at work, who always has perfectly messy hair? It looks like she twisted her hair up in a knot and it’s messy, sexy, and you can never achieve that look on yourself?? (Yeah, I hate her too.) Well, now your hair can look like that, too.  What a relief for me, even being a hairstylist. I will freely admit to you that I have never been able to master the up do. Even with 16 years experience doing hair, I struggle with styling. You want your hair cut in the latest fashion? No problem. You want a new color to enhance your best features and give you a fresh look? I’m your girl. You want a bridal up do, or a lovely French twist? Run fast and run far from me!! I excelled in color and chemicals, but styling…not so much. Maybe if these suckers had been around when I was doing hair full-time, I wouldn’t have turned people down who wanted a fancy style.

Spin Pins are really very easy to use. It’s as simple as pulling your hair back into a pony tail, twisting it around into a bun, and twisting in the Spin Pins. They retail for about $6.00 and they’re pretty sturdy, so it’s not like you are only going to get one or two uses out of them, they will last you a long time. They’re great on all hair types, thick or thin. They don’t require directions, but there are some tips to remember. When you spin them in, don’t interlock the pins with each other. You want to pins to grab onto your hair, not each other, they won’t work very well if they’re tangled together. They spin clockwise to go in, and counter-clockwise to come out. For a tight hold, make sure the first one you put in goes deep into your hair and catches on the hair on your head. They won’t work very well on wet hair, so make sure hair is almost all the way dry when you style with Spin Pins.

Spin Pins come in blonde and brunette shades, so they will blend in with your hair color. Great for medium to long length hair, and women of all ages can use them. I know I’ll be keeping these with me at all times. I am wondering how I ever lived without them. I put my hair up a lot, I always have, this not only makes my life easier because it makes it so fast to style, it’s something new and different and that’s always fun. Too bad these weren’t around when I was a teenager…I had to rock the ugly banana clip, remember those??

I want to know who has tried these, and do you love them as much as I do? As always, I look forward to your thoughts!

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