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I’ve discovered something…Walgreen’s is the poor man’s Sephora. Any time I have to run in and grab something quick at Walgreen’s, I always cut through the beauty department to see what they have. And, any time I “just cut through” this department, I always get sidetracked for a good 10 minutes or more. Just like at Sephora, there is always something new in the Walgreen’s beauty department. Funny I say department, it’s more like a section or a long aisle! But, there is always something new, or something that didn’t catch my eye the last time I was there. I kind of feel like a bit of a nerd that I mention Walgreen’s a lot, but they have some good stuff in there. Plus, it’s been a request from my readers to report as often as I can on the products you find at these stores that are in the affordable range.

I didn’t need another shower gel or body butter, but I found them. Hidden on the back wall, I saw a cute display of gift sets and bath and body products by Details. I think what first caught my eye, besides the sale at the time of buy one get one free, was the labeling on the products. Splashes of color and tropical names. I desperately need and want a vacation, so I am strongly attracted to things that suggest paradise to me right now. There were a lot of different choices in this line as far as products and scents. The only complaint I have about buying new things at discount stores is, there are no testers to smell and try before you buy. It’s a bit of a risk sometimes, but with the low price, it’s a risk worth taking.

The products come in generous sizes and are priced at about $6.00 each. The shower gel I chose was Tropical Garden. Because I couldn’t smell it without opening it and forcing the store to damage out the product, my choice was based completely on the name. It has a very light vanilla fragrance mixed together with fruit and flower scents. I was pleasantly surprised by how nice it smells. The next test was to see if it would lather to my liking. Sometimes, when you purchase a really inexpensive body wash, you get very few bubbles and I don’t like that. This creates a nice lather that lasts a long time. Once I rinsed off and dressed for the day, I could still smell the scent on my skin very lightly, but it was so nice, I was kind of wishing I would have picked up the body spray. Maybe next time.

The second product I picked up was the body butter in Coconut Coast. I’ve never smelled a product with coconut scent in it that I didn’t like, so I knew I would be safe with the fragrance of this one. What I was worried about was the body butter itself. I love lotion, hand cream, foot cream, you name it. But, body butter is always hit or miss with me. Sometimes, it’s too thick and won’t absorb into your skin and you feel greasy all day. Sometimes it’s not thick at all and you’re wondering how the heck it can be labeled as “butter” when you can pour it into your hand. So, how does this one measure up? Excellent product! Not too thick, absorbs into your skin and, like the shower gel, leaves a subtle scent behind that makes you want more.

I will definitely purchase these products again, and now that I know how good they are, I will be adding more to my collection…not that I need it. They have shower gel, hand wash, hand and body lotion, body butter, and body mist to choose from. Details Bath and Body products can only be found at Walgreen’s. (Hey Walgreen’s, listen up! Put this line where people can see it better!) It can also be found online at

Have you tried any products from Details? Tell me what you think! If you haven’t, and you try them based on this review, write to me and tell me your thoughts on the products. I love feedback!

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