Summer-Proof Your Look

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Summer is just around the corner! The time for outside activities is upon us; bbq parties, swimming, hiking, etc. A lot of people I know hesitate to even apply makeup or do their hair for certain activities throughout this time of year because, what’s the point when it all melts off after an hour? How frustrating is it when you spend all the time you do to get ready and look gorgeous just to have it wilt away faster than it took to apply? Well, my first rule of thumb for this time of year is, don’t go outside! It’s too hot and sticky and, unless I am being fanned by a fig leaf pool-side, than I prefer to stay inside. But, that’s the Princess in me talking. If you MUST go outside, and I know most of you must, there are ways to keep your beautiful self looking beautiful.

Summer-Proof Skin: Your skin care routine doesn’t need to change too much in the summer. You may want to switch to a lighter moisturizer and save the heavier creams for winter, or use at night. Lighten up on products containing AHA’s or retinol, as these ingredients make your skin very sensitive in the sun, and more prone to burning. Also, use a good SPF that’s waterproof to ensure maximum protection for your skin.

Summer-Proof Makeup: One of the most important steps in applying your makeup, is to first wait until your skin has fully absorbed your skin care products. If you start applying makeup when it’s still damp from moisturizer or SPF, you’re going to have a mess on your hands. Always start with a primer to make sure your foundation has something to grab onto. Without a primer, your makeup will soak right into your skin. Switch to a lightweight liquid or powder foundation, or a tinted moisturizer. Eye makeup is another one that’s tough to keep in place on hot days. Make sure to use an eyeshadow primer before you apply your shadows. A good one will make sure the colors stay with you all day. I like Shadow Insurance by Too Faced. For eyeliner, I really like Aqua Eyes by Make Up For Ever. It truly stays put through heat and humidity. Waterproof mascara is going to be your best bet this time of year. If you’re not using one now and you don’t need one, then don’t worry about it. But, if you find that your mascara starts to smear  if you start to sweat, then go waterproof. There are so many to choose from out there, I can’t even begin to name good ones…this will last forever if I do that. Avoid using mascara on your lower lashes if you still smudge with waterproof. Use a cheek stain for your blush instead of powder, it will last much longer on a hot day. Set your makeup with a setting spray and you’ll be good to go.

Summer-Proof Hair: Just as it’s important to protect our skin in the sun, protecting your hair is a must-do as well. Try switching your products up for the summer. Instead of using products that add shine and volume, switch to shampoo and conditioner that will add moisture. Avoid heat styling during the summer as much as possible. If you’re outdoors a lot, the sun is going to be doing enough possible damage; using a blow dryer or any kind of styling tool is only going to cause more damage. Give your hair a vacation from the heat styling! Start playing around with your natural texture and find some cute styles that enhance what Mother Nature gave you. If you can, avoid coloring your hair in the summer, especially if you’re a sun lover. Color that’s exposed to too much sun is just going to fade fast. Keep up with regular trims to keep a healthy look and deep condition once a week. Play around with some cute up-dos or braids for a different look. If you’re really not sure what direction to go because you’ve never tried working with your natural texture, schedule a little extra time with your stylist so they can show you what will work best for you and keep it simple for you.

Those are some good suggestions to keep looking great all summer long. What about you? What do you do to keep looking fresh all summer? What products do you swear by in the summer?

I would like to wish you all a very safe, but fun-filled, Memorial Day Weekend. I’m sure you’ll all look fabulous while having fun!

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