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Seeing as how they come in every color of the rainbow, it’s no wonder people get overwhelmed when trying to choose the best shade of eyeshadow for their eyes. Most women I come across have pretty much just given up and they use beige and brown. Sure, you can get a nice, natural look with those neutrals, but let’s have some fun with color! Besides, why would all these companies make so many colors if no one could actually wear them? I have always loved eyeshadow and I think I own every color of the rainbow. I’ve learned that if you have brown eyes, and I do, you can wear just about any eyeshadow color out there. Works for me! That just gave me the excuse I need to keep on buying! So, what about blue, green or hazel eyes?

Got blue eyes? Whether they are pure blue, light blue or borderline gray, the best shade of eyeshadow to complement blue eyes is brown. Brown is a contrast color to blue and by wearing it, you will really bring out the color of your eyes. Also, charcoal, violet and rose are really pretty colors on blue eyes. Avoid blue eyeshadow for blue eyes. You don’t want the eyeshadow color contrasting with your eye color.

Green eyes? Finding someone with true green eyes is unusual. Green eyes are beautiful but most people with green eyes tend to get a little lost on choosing the right color. Classic shades are  best for green eyes. Brown, deep purple and plum and dark green. To really make the gold in your green eyes pop, use bronze for an evening look when you can wear a more dramatic eye. It looks beautiful on green eyes.

What about Hazel eyes? It’s hard to describe the exact color of hazel eyes. Some people with lighter brown eyes say their eye color is hazel while others with green eyes flecked with gold lay claim to hazel. Well, since it’s hard to define what exactly makes an eye color classify as hazel, it can be hard to decide what shadows will look best with this eye color. Since hazel eyes sometimes look brown and sometimes they look green, choose neutrals to bring out the beauty of this eye color. Dark browns and soft taupes will look really pretty on hazel eyes.

Brown eyes? The sky’s the limit!! Well, almost. Brown eyes come in many different shades of brown, ranging from light brown to almost black. Brown eyes are a great neutral color that can carry just about any shade of eyeshadow. But, avoid yellow and certain shades of pink. These can make you looked “washed out”.

These colors are a good guideline to help you when you are shopping for eyeshadow. Of course, your skin tone is going to help you make the final decision. Experiment with different colors to find the best shades for you and don’t be afraid to ask for help when you are shopping. The makeup artists I know in this industry are happy to help and passionate about makeup and truly want you to look your best.

A lot of makeup lines are coming out with palettes designed to complement different eye colors. These are a great way to experiment with different looks and your colors are already chosen for you.

Have you had a hard time finding the right eyeshadow for your eye color? What are your favorite shadows for your eye color? Favorite brands? I look forward to your response.

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