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Ever since I wrote Beauty Emergency a few weeks ago, I’ve been presented with more situations that can be categorized as just that. Sure, I could just feature the emergencies in Q&A Monday, but I think this is more fun. After all, an emergency deserves that kind of attention. And yes, there is such thing as a Beauty Emergency…if you doubt me, then all I can say is, you’ve never been there! But, most emergencies are fixable, we just have to calm down and think about Plan “B”.

Beauty Emergency #1: You’ve cut your bangs too short…way too short. In trying to save time, and money, I think it’s safe to say that we’ve all had this happen to us. We just think we’ll trim the ends, but then the right side is shorter than the left, so we cut that side. Uh-oh…now the left side is shorter than the right…better trim that just a bit. This goes on for a few more rounds and before you know it, it looks like a kindergartener chopped away at your bangs. And, wouldn’t you know it, you also have an important meeting, date, appointment, etc. in about an hour. What to do? Well, first, beat yourself up. No, I didn’t say do NOT beat yourself up, I said beat yourself up!! As a hairstylist, I would see this happen a lot and I always wanted to ask my clients what the heck they were thinking?? Never try to cut your own hair…ever! But, since you did it and you’ve thoroughly chastised yourself, I’ll go ahead and give you a few tips to live with this until it grows out. The easiest thing to do when this happens is to get yourself some pretty hair clips and pin the bangs back until they start to get longer. Also, wearing your hair up can lessen the contrast between your bangs and the rest of your hair. The most important thing to do is be patient and know that it’s just hair and it will grow back. But, anyone who’s had this happen to them usually learns the first time and doesn’t do it again. Has this happened to me? I can honestly say, I have not chopped away at my own bangs and had this happen. Now, I had my sister do this to me Freshman year in high school…thanks Kristine. And a few years ago, I actually had a stylist do this to me. The clips worked wonders for the first 3 weeks.

Beauty Emergency #2: You have naturally curly hair you usually style with mousse. However, right before work one day, you go to apply your hair product and the can is broken…not empty, but broken and the product won’t come out. Yeah, that’s an emergency, alright! If you don’t have a back-up product, which I highly recommend, you can run to your kitchen for a little help. I know it’s going to sound crazy, but all you need is an egg white or two. Whip the egg white until it peaks and apply to your hair like you would your normal mousse. Style as usual and you’re good to go! You might actually find your hair feeling even healthier when you wash it next. Natural ingredients are great for your hair. Don’t want to try that? Ok, while your hair is still wet, spray the palms of your hands with hairspray and run your hands through your hair, “scrunching” your hair at the same time. I wouldn’t do this on a regular basis, but in a pinch it’s fine and faster than egg whites. Also, you could take this situation as an opportunity to deep condition your hair. Add some good conditioner to the ends of your hair, leave it in and wear your hair up for the day. The next time you shampoo, your hair will feel hydrated. Once you’ve gotten through this situation, go out and buy 2 bottles of your product so you always have a back-up plan.

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