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Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend and a very happy Mother’s Day. I appreciate all your questions. Thanks for the great ones this week. Read on about getting a new haircut, difference in conditioners, and salon perfect hair at home.

Dear Brooke, I am getting my haircut this week and not only am I doing a new haircut, I am also seeing a new stylist. My question for you, as a hairstylist, is this: I have a picture of the kind of haircut I want, not the exact haircut, but a basic idea that shows the layers and the shape that I want. Does a hairstylist prefer the client to bring a picture of the exact hairstyle they want, or do they prefer one or two pictures with the basic idea? Thanks! Kristine K.

Dear Kristine, As a hairstylist, I’ve had many people bring me pictures over the years of how they want their hair to look. It’s easier for me, and most stylists I know, to have the client bring one or two pictures of the basic idea of how you want it to look and let their creativity take over from there. We don’t mind a picture of the exact ‘do you’re looking for, but when someone comes in with a picture of Jennifer Aniston’s hair and their hair type is the exact opposite, it’s a little hard to create the exact cut in the picture. Most stylists prefer a few choices as a guideline. Hope that helps and good luck with your new cut and stylist!

Dear Brooke, what’s the difference between a conditioner and a detangler? Doesn’t my basic, every day conditioner, detangle anyway? Emma L.

Dear Emma, To some, a conditioner is a conditioner is a conditioner, but not all conditioners are created equally. Your basic, every day conditioner is usually applied after you shampoo and left on for a few minutes. You leave it on for a few minutes so it can penetrate the hair shaft and get into your strands and moisturize. An added benefit of conditioning is detangling the hair so it’s easy to comb through. A detangler is just that: a detangler…it will smooth the hair cuticle and allow you to comb through with ease and give you shine, but it doesn’t get into the cortex (center) of the hair and hydrate it on a deeper level. A detangler is great to use after swimming or at times when you may feel like your every day conditioner is weighing your hair down. I suggest you keep both products on-hand at all times.

Dear Brooke, What’s the best way to get a salon looking blow-out at home? I love the way my hair looks and feels after I get it cut and styled, but it always seems like I can never recreate the look at home. Any suggestions? Kim B.

Dear Kim, Well, I guess it’s a Q&A Monday, devoted to hair care! I have felt this way in my past…in fact, it wasn’t until I went to beauty school that I finally learned how to style my hair salon-perfect at home. All it takes is the right product and the right tools, and a little patience/time the first few times you try to do this at home and before you know it, you’ll be styling like a pro! First, make sure you are applying the right styling product. I recommend a smoothing serum to get the best results. Second, make sure your hair is about 80% dry. You want it almost dry so blow drying won’t take as long and if it’s too wet, it will just end up a frizzy mess. Third, section your hair off into quarters, one section on top, one on either side and the back section; this will allow you to work on one section at a time without the rest of your hair getting in the way. Taking small sections of each quarter (I like to start with the back section, then move on to the sides, and save the top for last.) use a medium-sized round brush and dry, pulling it taut from roots to ends. Make sure you point the nozzle of your blow dryer down as you straighten to avoid frizz. Repeat this process all over your head. Fourth, follow-up with a shine serum for a glossy finishing touch and voila! you look salon perfect. Like I said, be patient, learning this process takes some time, but once you get it down you will love the results.

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