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Just recently I did a contest asking my readers to guess how many tubes of lip gloss I own. The answer was 58…at the time. Since then, I have added 4 more to the collection…don’t ask. Well, if you think I own a lot of lip gloss, you should get a peek at my eyeshadow collection. I’m not asking you to guess how many, because I’m not sure I have the time to count, that’s how bad it is! Anyway…

I like to play around with different colors and I tend to stick with ones I like for a while before moving on to the next. The palette I have been loving this week is Natural Eye by Too Faced. The first time I saw this collection of neutral shades, I didn’t know what the big deal was. They’re various shades of brown/bronze/gold…how can you get too excited about that? I figured they would be good for a natural look, like it’s named, but I had no idea you could get pretty glam with these shades. This palette comes with 9 shadows and 3 how-to cards that show you different looks and how to apply what shadow where. That’s a great perk that’s included because so many women I know stick with applying their makeup the only way they’ve ever known and they’re afraid to step out of the box and try new things. These how-to cards are extremely easy to follow and the looks they teach go from classic to smoky.

Of course, you don’t have to follow the cards and wear just those looks. You can come up with your own and play around. If you’ve ever looked at a model in a magazine and wondered if she’s eaten lately noticed how her eyes look so natural and pretty and wondered how to get that look, you can get it with these shadows. And, you don’t have to be a makeup artist to do it. Although, it would be nice to just have a personal makeup artist come do my makeup every day. But, since that isn’t happening (yet) I’ve had fun learning how to achieve that look and of course, justifying adding more eyeshadows to my collection.

I like Too Faced eyeshadows a lot. This palette costs $34, which really isn’t too bad when you’re getting 9 eyeshadows. Most single shadows on their own cost around $10 each, so this is definitely a good deal. The quality of the product is excellent; the shadows feel like silk and they are true to the color you see in the palette. I really hate it when you buy a product for its color, but when you put it on, it’s way too sheer and looks nothing like you thought it would. These eyeshadows are long-lasting, especially if you use their eyeshadow primer Shadow Insurance before you apply. The color will stay put all day. By the way, I am STILL on the lookout for a new eyeshadow primer (Hello, Benefit Cosmetics?? PLEASE bring back F.Y…Eye!!!). Shadow Insurance is in the running to become my new favorite.

The packaging is cute with this palette and portable, so if you travel, this will travel along nicely with you. It comes with a small applicator in a little pull-out drawer…that’s cute, and a nice touch if you are traveling with it, but I use my regular makeup brushes to apply these shadows. Love it this week, and I’m having so much fun with them, I’ll probably love it next week, too!

Any thoughts on these colors? Have you used this palette, or any other color by Too Faced? If so, tell me what you think! It’s a popular line, and I love hearing from my readers.

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