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It’s Monday again, the day of the week I answer your beauty questions. I hope you all had a great weekend and have a great week ahead of you as well. As always, I got some great questions this week. Read on about teenage skin, mascara with benefits, and man-scaping.

Dear Brooke, I am 13 years old and I am starting to notice my face really breaking out. What would you recommend for a teenager to clear up. Stacy W.

Dear Stacy, I know how frustrating it is to deal with acne at your age. Along with everything else happening with our bodies and our lives, along comes The Zit Fairy and she does a little jig on your face. One thing I’ve been taught over the years is, you can’t cure acne, but you can control it. A couple of simple steps you need to take: make sure you are drinking plenty of water, wash your face daily, and don’t touch your face so much! I know when I break out, I tend to feel the area where the zits are, because I’m self-conscious about it, and that’s just putting more dirt and oil onto my face. This can be a hard habit to break, but it’s one of the contributing factors to most break outs. Try introducing a 3-step system into your routine. You want a gentle cleanser, a treatment cream containing Benzoyl Peroxide or Salicylic Acid, and a light moisturizer with SPF. Even though you’re 13, the SPF in your moisturizer is very important for long-term care for your skin. Remember to do this daily, try not to skip even when you’re tired. If this doesn’t help clear you up some, think about seeing a Dermatologist. They will be able to prescribe something stronger to clear you up.

Dear Brooke, are there any additional benefits to mascara other than volume and extra color? Joan C.

Dear Joan, Good question. There are so many mascaras out there right now all claiming to volumize, lengthen, plump, curl, etc. If you’re looking for color, basic brown and black have gotten competition in the form of not only blue, but purple, green, red…every color of the rainbow seems to be popping up in mascara. A lot of makeup products have started to add ingredients into the product to also treat the skin for extra benefits. The same is true with mascara now. Vitamins and minerals are added to certain products so that your mascara is not only adding color and volume, but it’s nourishing as well. These vitamins won’t necessarily make your lashes grow, but over time, your lashes will appear thicker and healthier, due to the added ingredients. A few I like are Laura Mercier Thickening and Building Mascara and Lash Fusion XL by Fusion Beauty. Both are on the pricey side, but the long-term results are worth the price. Think of it as “mascara with benefits”.

Dear Brooke, You talked about Man-scaping in one of your articles. What are popular thoughts, or recommendations of how a man should deal with a unibrow? John M.

Dear John, Thanks for this question. I think the idea of Man-scaping can be intimidating for guys who haven’t done it, but you don’t have to go all out and get rid of all the hair on your body. A unibrow is very easy to get rid of and keep up with regular grooming. It’s very easy to take care of yourself, but if you don’t know where to begin, see a professional. Please keep in mind that while you might be uncomfortable going into a spa, or any place that offers waxing, the professionals there have seen it all so there’s no need to feel like you’re the first guy to ever have some waxing done. But, doing it yourself is pretty easy. Just grab some tweezers and start tweezing the hairs that are connecting your brows. Keep in mind that whether you decide to tweeze or get waxed, it’s going to hurt. Take some Advil before you do it, or keep a beer close by for an after-tweezing reward! If your eyebrows tend to be long and out of control, ask your hairstylist to trim the length. It only takes a second for them to do it, and it can make a big difference between looking well-groomed and unkempt.

Thanks again for the great questions! Email me your questions for Q&A Monday at brookeknowsbeauty@hotmail.com

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