Pink Hair…Yes Or No?

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I’ve always thought my hair color was boring. Growing up, most of my friends either had blonde hair or red hair. There were only a select few that had a similar shade to mine. I have always been intrigued with blonde hair. Maybe it’s because if I went blonde, I would look absolutely ridiculous! My hair is dark brown. Don’t get me wrong, I like the shade…now. But we always think the grass is greener, right? I would love to be blonde for a day, but unless it’s a wig, it’s not happening.

Lately, I’ve become intrigued with pink hair. When I went to beauty school, we didn’t have access to the cool colors we see people wearing now. Those colors were just becoming popular, but not popular enough to make it into beauty supply stores and salons. Now I see them everywhere and I get asked questions about the crazy colors. Especially pink. People ask me, why are people wearing it and why do they think it’s cool. I tell them my opinion…because it is cool! If I could pull it off, you can bet your bottom dollar, I would have hot pink hair right now.

Why can’t I pull it off? Well, for a few reasons. The first one being, I don’t have the patience for the process it would take to get my hair hot pink. If you are wanting to try this and your hair is dark brown, you are going to have to bleach (damage) your hair first and then apply the pink hair color. There won’t be much pink going on if you apply it to dark brown hair that hasn’t been lifted in color. Another reason I can’t do it is, it’s just not my personality. Me personally wearing hot pink hair would be like my dad getting his ear pierced…just can’t pull it off. (Anyone who knows my dad is laughing out loud right now imagining him with an earring!)

For those of you who have been intrigued and are at a point in life where you can do it, go for it! Whether it’s light pink, pink highlights, or full on hot pink hair, wear it and enjoy it! I love the way blonde hair looks with pink highlights. The contrast of the light shade against the bright color looks really cool. Another trend to try on blonde hair is just coloring the tips of your hair pink. You can have so much fun with this color! I think a lot of people who know me personally might be surprised to hear that I say this is a “DO”! Just because I can’t wear it doesn’t mean I don’t think it can look good, because it can.

Some celebrities I’ve seen rocking this ‘do? Rachel McAdams, Joss Stone, T.R. Knight from Grey’s Anatomy and of course, the singer Pink. She almost has to have pink hair to live up to that name, doesn’t she? Let’s not forget jewelry designer and makeup creator, Tarina Tarantino. You can’t think of Tarina without thinking of pink hair, and it looks good on her…at least I think so.

So, even though you’ll never see me with hot pink hair, I think it’s a definite yes! Have fun with your color and don’t be afraid to try something new. After all, it’s just color and if you don’t like it, you can color over it. I’ve done some crazy things over the years with my hair but I never got to try this. I wish I would have.

I am sure I’m going to have differing opinions on this, so share them with me! What are your thoughts on pink hair? What’s the craziest color you’ve ever had on your hair, accidental or on purpose?

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2 thoughts on “Pink Hair…Yes Or No?

  1. I currently have pink hair as a result of my garnet-red shade fading super fast (my hair was white-blonde before that). It’s now candyfloss pink and, you know what? I love it! 🙂

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