For all your beauty advice…

Hello everyone and Happy Friday! I thought I would keep things light today and have my first contest. This is the first one I have done and I’m hoping to start them on a regular basis. I love interacting with my readers and reading what your thoughts and opinions are on what I like to write about. This contest is going to be simple but fun. Just answer this question:

How many tubes of lip gloss do you think I own?

Easy enough, right? Keep in mind that I am totally addicted to makeup and I spend an obscene amount of money on it every year. The person who answers correctly will get a prize! We all love free stuff, right? So, start thinking and start submitting your guess STAT!! I will let you know who the winner is on Monday.

Speaking of Monday, email me your questions for Q&A Monday at

I’m looking forward to all your guesses. Have a great weekend!

You’ve Been Beautified!

4 thoughts on “CONTEST!!!

  1. Kristi M

    My guess is 193. Totally a guess I figure since I have about 20 and hardly spend a lot on gloss my guess might not be high enough 🙂

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