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I recently read something that was talking about a Fantasy Dinner. I even made a comment on that in Beauty And The Beer. It got me thinking that instead of a Fantasy Dinner, I would love to think about a Fantasy Spa Day. Who would I invite, dead or alive, famous or not famous, to share a spa day with? The “rules” of a Fantasy Dinner are you choose 5 people and then give reasons why they would be on your list. Makes for great conversation. I can’t choose just 5, but I will try to keep it to a minimum.

Before I list the people I would want there, let me start by saying to all my close friends, of course you would be attending this spa day, think of this list as our special guests to make for an interesting experience for all of us.

Cleopatra. She is #1 on my list. When you think of ancient beauty, you can’t help but think of Cleopatra. She is the legendary definition of beauty. I would love to hear her beauty tips and skin care recipes, and maybe she could tell us why putting alligator poo on your face isn’t such a bad thing.

Princess Diana. Poise, grace, royalty, fashion icon. Princess Diana’s wedding made little girls around the world believe fairy tales do come true. I remember waking up before the sun to watch her marry Prince Charles. The fairy tale didn’t last, but she stayed a true Princess in my eyes. With everything she endured, I think she needs a spa day. Also, being a self-proclaimed Princess, like recognizes like; us Princesses need to stick together. And I would ask her to bring her jewelry so we could ooh and ahh over it during lunch.

Jennifer Aniston. I would have her there for a lot of reasons. Mainly because I am a huge fan of hers…Team Aniston all the way! All you Team Jolie fans, leave your comments to yourself, this is my list!! I would also want her there because I could use her as a model to show all the technicians exactly what I want to look like. Plus, she’s loaded…she could pay for the day for all of us!!

My Mom. Not famous, and unfortunately no longer with us. Anyone who had the pleasure of knowing my mother knew she was larger than life. She had an amazing personality and such a big heart and that woman knew how to entertain! She would definitely keep any lulls in conversation to a minimum because she knew how to interact with everyone. She would love a pedicure, and I would give anything for just one more day with her. (Maybe I should have put her as my #1 guest? Sorry mom, but I know you understand!)

Carmindy. If you have ever watched What Not To Wear, you know who this is. She is the makeup artist on this show and I think she’s pretty amazing. I love watching her do the makeovers on the people on that show, and I just think she’s adorable. She can do all of our makeup after we have facials.

Bethenny Frankel. I am 100% not ashamed to say that I am 100% addicted to The Real Housewives Of NYC! Bethenny is my favorite housewife, always has been, always will be. I love her on the show and I think she would be a fun guest to have at any party. Her and my mom would have a blast together!

I think this would be a fun spa day! And I think my guest list doesn’t have conflicting personalities, so everyone would get along. I know when people make their list for a Fantasy Dinner, they tend to choose all different types of people for some heated discussions. We don’t want that for our spa day. We’re supposed to be relaxing and having fun.

Ok, your turn. Who would you invite for a Fantasy Spa Day and why? I can’t wait to hear your choices.

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