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According to worldwatch.org Americans spend 8 billion dollars annually on cosmetics. 8 billion… Wow, that’s a whole lot of lip gloss! With so many brands on the market, all of them trying to convince us they are the best, it’s easy to see how that adds up. Even the company slogans are telling us it’s ok to buy. L’Oreal tells us we’re “Worth It”, Maybelline wants you to believe you’re “Born With It” and Cover Girl leads us to believe that life is “Easy, Breezy, Beautiful” if we use their products. MAC targets men and women with “All ages, All races, All sexes”. Just like I am a sucker for pretty packaging, a catchy slogan usually draws me in, too.

So, why do we spend so much money each year and why is it ok…especially when so many of us are faced with hard times right now? I think L’Oreal nailed it…we are “Worth It”. We work hard. Whether we work at home raising our kids and running a household (probably the most challenging and under-appreciated job in the world), running your own business, or “working for the man”, we all work hard. A little indulgence isn’t going to hurt every now and then, and it’s actually good for you to treat yourself.

Ever notice how a bad hair day can set the tone for the rest of the day? Has an unexpected blemish almost stopped you from going on a date? Amazing how these small things can seem so huge at the time! Then, notice how that bad hair day doesn’t mean so much when you find the right lip gloss or eye shadow? Seriously! I know some of you may be laughing at how trivial that seems, but cosmetics plays a huge role in self-esteem. It’s pretty simple. If you look bad, you feel bad, you’re probably going to have a bad day. If you look good, you feel good, you’re going to have a great day!

I think it’s absolutely ok to indulge. Get that massage once a month. It feels good and it helps keep your back healthy. Get a facial, it’s relaxing and it’s good for your skin. I personally don’t like facials, (I’ll explain another time) but I know some women who can’t live without them, and they shouldn’t have to. While you’re at it, go ahead and get a manicure and a pedicure and make a day of it. We all need a spa day once in a while! In fact, I think health insurance should cover spa treatments…thoughts, anyone?

Some of us have that one product we can’t live without and we’ll cut corners in other areas in order to keep that product. What’s mine? I can’t live without eyeshadow primer. I’m still trying out different brands, but the one I am falling in love with is Shadow Insurance by Too Faced. It’s $17 for a small tube of it and a little goes such a long way, it’s going to last forever. Not really an indulgence, but the point I’m trying to make is, no matter how tight my budget is, I will make room in it for this product.

For all you men out there wondering why we spend so much money on this stuff…as I once told my husband when he asked this question: If I didn’t spend money on this stuff and wear it to make me look my best, you wouldn’t have looked twice in my direction, so shut up and let me reapply. Enough said.

So, if it’s lip gloss that keeps you happy, a new fragrance, or that expensive night cream you found that really does perform the miracles it claims, you ARE worth it. I honestly don’t think you can put a price on happiness, and if there is a product, or a spa service that just makes your day,go for it, you deserve it. So do I. I think I may have to schedule a massage now!

What about you? What is the one product, or spa service, that you won’t live without?

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