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When you hear the words “Mary Kay” what comes to mind? For me it’s: makeup, home parties, and of course, pink Cadillacs. For a long time I decided I was going to hate this brand. I figured it was outdated, annoying and all the consultants were overdone with their makeup, maybe trying to emulate Mary Kay Ash herself. I admit I had a chip on my shoulder when it came to cosmetics and skin care because at the time, I was working at Nordstrom as the esthetician in the Wellness Center. I had my hands on high line skin care that had me thinking nothing was as good, or better, than what I was selling. Pair that with being surrounded by luxury makeup lines and I wouldn’t have looked twice at a line that was sold through a catalog. I even had a Mary Kay consultant approach me at work one day to promote her brand…ha! Man, was I a snob!!

A few years later, doing dinner theater, I made a comment to one of my cast members about Mary Kay being outdated and cheap. She disagreed. Not long after this, my sister decides to have a home party and tells me to come. Ok, what the heck was going on?? I thought this brand was long-gone! I mean, you don’t see their stuff in stores, or read about it in magazines, and really, who the heck wants to drive a pink Cadillac?!?! What started to open my mind was the words of wisdom my sister put to me in a funny New York/Jersey voice. Imagine one of the Real Housewives saying, “Brooke, it’s not your motha’s Mary Kay”.

Grudgingly, I attended this Mary Kay party. Being the snob I was at the time, I didn’t want to see the makeup. In my mind, nothing was going to be as good as MAC, Bobbi Brown, or Chanel. And as far as skin care…well, I was selling Glymed, Cellex C and Phytomer so I wasn’t going to look twice at this stuff. I put on my poker face, and attended the party. Then I noticed her display of products on the table. Wow, look at all that stuff! I sat down and my heart started racing; my hands got twitchy…like any addict with temptation staring you in the face, I needed a hit and I needed it fast. Before I knew what was happening, I was all over that product! Wow, scrubs, hand creams, body lotion, body wash…and this was just the beginning! Pretty soon I forgot I was supposed to hate Mary Kay. I was no longer focused on the name of the product, I was just focused on the product itself and it was good stuff. My sister was right, this wasn’t my motha’s Mary Kay!

Within a month, I was signed up to be a consultant. Guess the joke was on me, huh? I will admit, that part of it was short-lived for me. When I tell my friends about a product, I am passionate about it, and usually they run out and buy it. If I am trying to sell you the product, that passion is stifled for some reason. I’m just not a salesperson. I learned that I am a much better customer than a consultant. I sold off what was left of my inventory to family and friends, but I still used the product.

I absolutely love the TimeWise Miracle Set. I switch my skin care up quite a bit, but I always go back to this one. If you want only 3 steps in your skin care routine, this is one I highly recommend. There are supplemental products to add to your routine within this line, but if you want to keep it simple you can. The eyeshadows are great, lipstick, lip gloss. I can’t say anything bad about any of it…anymore. Their new mineral makeup is really nice, too. Just as nice as Bare Escentuals.

Clearly, this line has kept up with the times and like any good brand, they are constantly reinventing themselves and keeping it fresh. Amazing what you can discover once you open your mind, isn’t it? I know a lot of people love this line…it wouldn’t be around anymore if people didn’t love it. So, I say to all Savvy Sophisticates out there: flick that chip off your shoulder and explore the possibilities. This is good stuff here! Mary Kay is more than OK…it pretty much rocks!

What are your favorite Mary Kay products? I look forward to your responses.

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