This One’s For The Guys…Clean Close Shave

For all your manly advice…

It’s pretty obvious I like to try new products and pick up new tips and techniques along the way. I was doing some research on how to get a nice, close shave on my legs and most of the items I was coming across were aimed at men. So, I thought I would share with you guys (and gals) the information I found on how to get a clean, close shave. (Did I just make anyone think of the movie “16 Candles” there? True fans of that show will know what I’m talking about)

The tips I picked up are pretty basic, but good ones nonetheless, and it’s always good to go back to basics and refresh our memories with old school tips. Every guy has their own shaving system, so there really is no right or wrong. First, make sure you have a good razor. There are so many fighting to be the best on the market right now, just choose the one that works best for you, whether it’s single blade or 6 blade. Most people I know, myself included, like a good razor that’s somewhere in the middle. 3 blades works best for me! Prep the skin with an exfoliating wash to buff away skin cells for a closer shave. The application of shaving gel, or cream, creates a protective barrier to the skin, but it also softens the hair to make hair removal easy. If you tend to have sensitive skin and always end up with razor burn, let the shaving cream sit for about a minute to soften up the skin. Don’t use soap! It’s too drying for shaving.

Don’t apply too much pressure when shaving. Pressing down hard and pulling isn’t going to result in a closer shave, it’s just going to result in redness and cuts, and we all know how fun that can be! The razor should be the one doing the work, not you. Try pulling your skin taut for an even shaving surface. Rinse the blade frequently while you’re shaving so you don’t get build-up on your razor. If you have build-up of shaving cream or hair, the blades won’t be able to cut and you’ll end up with stubble left  behind. Shave with the growth of the hair, meaning use strokes that go in the same direction the hair grows. If you still have stubble left behind, shave against the growth of the hair, going in the opposite direction getting any remaining stubble.

Leave tricky areas for last. The area around the mouth can be the most stubborn spot to shave, by leaving this area for the end, this will give the shave cream extra time to soften up this area and make it easier to shave. For us gals, this means the ankles and the knees. Rinse face and neck with cool water to close pores and follow with a good moisturizer. This last step is so important, and I think it’s the one step most guys are skipping, which results in tight, itchy skin. Like I said, pretty basic tips, but good information on achieving a nice shave.

So, what about “Man-scaping”? This is obviously a personal choice. While I don’t like tons of body hair on my guy, I also don’t want him looking like a hairless Chihuahua. If it looks like you’re still wearing a sweater on your chest when you just took your sweater off…you may want to do some grooming in this area. If it looks like you have a carpet on your back…you may want to remedy that…please. If your head is patchy, I don’t recommend trying to grow those patches out to make it look like you have something, just go for it and shave it all off! You must have thought about it at one time or another, so go for it! Hot bald men: Bruce Willis, Patrick Stewart, Michael Jordan, Taye Diggs (it’s starting to get warm in here!) and Andre Agassi just to name a few. These  men looked good with hair, but who knew they would look even better without?? Shaving your head is easy, just follow the same steps you would on your face and go slow.

I picked up a few new tips doing this research, hopefully you learned something new by reading this. So, gentlemen…what are your favorite shaving products? Do you just pick up whatever is available at the grocery store or do you invest in specialty products that are just for men? I’m looking forward to your responses. And sorry guys, but I have to say it…

You’ve Been Beautified!