Do You Dry Shampoo?

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The other day I answered a question about whether or not it’s healthy for you to shampoo your hair every day. In my answer, (see Q&A Monday) I suggested a dry shampoo. What is a dry shampoo? A dry shampoo is a powder that is used to clean hair. Convenient for times when water isn’t accessible and a must-have lately for people who like to go a day or two between traditional shampooing. Having been in the habit of lathering up on a daily basis, I decided I should practice what I preach in this area, so on my next day off I went without shampooing.

Typically, when I wake up in the morning I look forward to getting my hair wet and having that “squeaky clean” feeling. When you think of bathing, you think of suds-ing up…I do anyway. So it was a little strange throwing on a shower cap (yes I do own one…it’s really cute and kind of glamorous!) and skipping that step while I was getting ready for my day. I’ve been reading up on the main ingredient and looking at home recipes for a dry shampoo. I decided the easiest, and cheapest, route to go was a home recipe. 1 ingredient…corn starch. It was cheap…less than a dollar for the whole box! Some of these hair care lines are charging $10 for the small size and over $20 for the big size. For a trial run, I think spending less than a buck was definitely easy on my wallet.

I figured the easiest way to apply this was putting the cornstarch in a hair coloring bottle, so I could part my hair and gently squeeze out the powder at the same time. Sounds easy, right? It should have been, but it wasn’t. I would either get very little powder out or I would get huge puffs of it out that left a lovely white cast to my hair. That’s a problem with a lot of dry shampoos for us brunettes. I know there are some out there that have a tint to them so they won’t show up on your hair, but cornstarch or $20 product, if your hair is dark you’re going to see the product.

After getting what I figured must be the right amount in my hair, I worked the powder in with my hands and got the rest of the powder out with the  blow dryer. Did my hair look clean? To me, no. To anyone else, it probably would have, but I knew it wasn’t so maybe I was being picky. Did my hair feel clean? Heck no! My scalp didn’t feel oily, but it sure wasn’t clean. And the rest of my hair looked flat and lifeless. I desperately wanted to jump back in the shower and suds up with my shampoo, but I committed myself to this experiment so I stuck it out. I put my hair in rollers for a long time and used the blow dryer to give it some volume and hopefully get rid of the gray patches the powder had left behind.

I discovered I spent more time trying to style my hair after using a dry shampoo than I would have if I had just used regular shampoo, and guess what style I ended up with that day? A lovely pony tail. Yup, after all the powder and rollers and blow drying, the only thing that worked for me that day was the old stand-by. Even with my hair up, I could still see the white powder on my hair…I guess it gave me an insight as to what my hair will look like when it’s aged. Not pretty!

Will I use a dry shampoo again? For styling purposes, maybe. But for everyday purposes, no. I think a dry shampoo is great for a couple of things. Use it after a workout to freshen up your hair. The powder will absorb the sweat and oil and your hair won’t look flat. A dry shampoo is also great as a styling tool…second day hair is perfect for up-dos or beach-y waves (I’ll remember that when I have my next Sport’s Illustrated photo shoot at the beach) and dry shampoo can add some good texture to your hair to achieve the style you’re going for. So, I might use it again as a pick-me-up, but probably not as my daily shampoo…I just can’t do it.

What about you? Do you dry shampoo? What are your secret weapons and products you rely on when you skip a day? Or are you like me and it’s just not going to happen? I look forward to your responses!

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Family Spa Night III…Chocolate Facials!

For all your beauty advice…

In the past, chocolate has gotten a bad rap. It’s bad for your skin, it’s unhealthy as a part of your diet, etc. Well, this once forbidden food is now one of the popular kids! Dark chocolate is now considered a healthy food. It’s good for your heart and loaded with powerful anti-oxidants. This is good news! So, what if we want to make a face mask out of it and put it on our faces? Ever heard of the Hershey Spa? It’s located in Hershey, PA…where else? They offer luxurious chocolate themed services. (Note to my husband: We are SO going there one day!!!) It seems like chocolate in skin care is becoming a trend in spas all around.

I started to do some research on the benefits of chocolate skin care and there’s a lot of interesting information. Chocolate can be very  nourishing and moisturizing when made into a mask for your face. That’s good for all skin types. Chocolate has powerful anti-oxidants to fight aging and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. That’s good for more mature skin. I was liking what I was reading and it seemed safe for young skin, so I put some things together and we had Family Spa Night III with chocolate facials!

I wanted to make enough for 4 people, so my whole family could do it. Yes, I made my husband do this with us. As always, he was a good sport and got in on the fun. Here’s what we used: 1 cup of powdered baker’s chocolate, 1/2 cup of honey, 1/4 heavy cream, and 1/4 cup of ground oatmeal. Honey used in masks is a great antiseptic and helps gently cleanse the skin; oatmeal is a great exfoliant.

Once the ingredients were mixed together, it looked like brownie batter. Since it has all natural ingredients in it, I couldn’t keep my kids from sticking their fingers in the bowl trying to get a taste. I did add a few more splashes of the cream to loosen the mixture up; it was pretty thick. The smell was amazing!! The wonderful aroma of chocolate was all around us.

We applied the mask on our faces. It was pretty cold at first, but it warmed up nicely. Just a little tip: this is a pretty  messy process when you’re standing in a kitchen and not lying on a facial bed, just keep in mind that dogs like to try to eat whatever falls on the floor and chocolate is not good for them! Also, since it can make a mess, wear a shirt you won’t care if it gets stained.  After about 10 minutes, the masks started to really warm up with our skin and we started to melt! The kids wouldn’t stop giggling and licking the masks off each other and themselves. Right before we rinsed, we rubbed the mixture into our skin to get the exfoliating benefits of the oatmeal. Then it was time to rinse.

The rinsing process takes awhile, especially if you have facial hair. I am referring to my husband, not myself. Warm wash cloths and many splashes of water later, our faces were chocolate-free. It took my kids much longer to rinse the masks off because, honestly, I think they went into the bathroom and ate what they could before they rinsed! Once we were done, we all had very soft skin and we could still smell the chocolate…nice! This was a fun family spa night! It’s always a good way to get away from the TV or computer and get the family together and have a good time. We always have fun whipping up masks in the kitchen, but this one really brought out the silly in us!

So, what about you? Have you tried any chocolate skin care? Or even better, have you been to the Hershey spa?? What homemade masks have you tried? I can’t wait to hear some ideas!

You’ve Been Beautified!