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One of my readers just recently called it to my attention that, even though my reviews on products are informative and fun to read, I need to review more affordable products. Fair enough. I realize that some of the items I write about are indulgences and it’s important to understand that not everyone can splurge like that right now. Does this mean I’ll give up writing about department store brands that can cost a lot of money? No, it just means that I will incorporate drug store brand products more often. My reader challenged me to see what I could get for $10 at the drugstore. Ok, I was up for the challenge, so off to Wal Mart and Walgreens I headed. My first stop was Wal Mart. I admit, I was a little lost looking at the cosmetics there and I didn’t know where to begin. I didn’t really have a game plan on what I was going to try, but I figured I would know it when I saw it. Wal Mart was a mess! Nothing was in stock and the things that were there were picked over. I got frustrated and left. Off to Walgreens I went.

Now, I don’t know if all the Walgreens stores are like this now, but the one closest to my house is new and the cosmetics department is not only large and fully stocked, but there is an actual person there to assist you in finding what you need. Wow…I was impressed by that alone! I looked around for a while to decide what it was I was going to purchase. I really didn’t need anything, but I never do…it’s just fun to buy makeup!

Before I tell you what I ended up with, I want to say something. I have good news, and I have bad news. The good news is, the major brand names we grew up with are really keeping up with the trends. Between mineral makeup, foundations that have treatment within the product, and really cool mascaras, I could see that the people in product development are truly doing their homework and giving the more expensive brands a run for their money. The bad news is, in keeping up with what’s trendy in makeup right now, these brands have significantly raised their prices. I couldn’t find a foundation that appealed to me for under $10. I have a hard time bringing myself to buy foundation at drugstores, simply because there aren’t testers and it’s hard to match yourself. The couple times I’ve tried, it’s always been too orange or too dark. The nice lipsticks that Revlon and L’Oreal carry? At least $8.00. The cool mascaras they’re all coming out with costs about the same as the lipstick. Still a deal considering the best-selling mascara at Sephora is $24. But, I wanted to get more than one thing. I wanted quality AND quantity.

And then I saw it…the first makeup we all tried! Wet N Wild…remember when you were a teenager and you could get a lip gloss for $1.00?!?! You still can! Ok, I thought, I’ve hit the Mother Lode! I decided to go ahead and spend my $10.00 on Wet N Wild. I figure if they’ve been around as long as they have, they’re doing something right. Not everything in the line is $1.00, some are a little more expensive. But, I didn’t spend more than $3.00 on a product and I walked away with 8 products. I spent a few dollars more than $10, but you can’t expect me to conform completely! I got 2 lipsticks, 2 glosses, one eyeshadow trio, an eyeshadow pencil, an eyeliner and a lip liner for $12.53.

I came home and put the eyeshadow and eyeliner on right away. The first thing I noticed about the eyeshadow was the texture. I was really impressed! They are high pigmented and feel like silk…something that’s important to me in an eyeshadow. I had them on all day and they didn’t fade or crease…nice! The lipstick and gloss were also really nice and long wearing. Now that I look at them, the 2 lipsticks and the 2 glosses are very similar in color. How many of us do that? Well, at $1.00 each go ahead and get the 2 colors you can’t decide between! The eyeliner and lip liner were also very smooth…not as smooth as some of the more expensive brands, but they went on nice and easy and lasted a long time.

So, Wet N Wild gets a major thumbs-up from me with quality and price! Not only did the product impress me, but the trip to Walgreens took me back to that fun, innocent phase of life where discovery on a product made my day. The only thing missing were the candy cigarettes! Eventually I’ll get up the courage to purchase a foundation.

Now tell me your favorite drugstore brand products! I’m looking forward to hunting down affordable makeup and telling you what I think! I look forward to your responses!

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6 thoughts on “Beauty On A Budget

  1. Kim

    I have always loved L’oreal ‘s Voluminous Black mascara. Something about it just makes me happy. I think it does a good job of brining out my little lashes. All for about 8 bucks! I also love L’oreal’s (I’m seeing a pattern here) Colour Riche lipstick. It lasts all day, doesn’t cake up and it smells really good.
    That’s my take on drugstore make-up, however, my most favorite is Bobbi Brown!

  2. I really like the smell of L’Oreal’s lipstick, too! I haven’t tried the mascara, but I’ve heard good things about it. Did you know they’re owned by Lancome? Maybe that’s why it’s a drugstore fave?

  3. Kristine

    Rimmel has a firming,with sunscreen for around $7.99 at Walgreens. Love it. Ran out and went to Target to get it and they didn’t carry that particular one. Found a different one for only $5.99. ONly used it once so far so the jury is still out on that one!

  4. Missa

    FYI, (and some actual locations) are now selling Hard Candy- a formerly high end line that was carried by Nordy’s and few other places. Apparently it’s still a high quality product but most items are around $5-6 instead of the $12-20 they used to be!

    I’m also a L’Oreal mascara girl when going the drugstore route.

  5. Missa

    Yep. loreal and lancome are both owned by parent company cosmair. The mascaras are quite similar, in fact, you’ll always see loreal launch a new one then a few weeks lancome launches their version. As a makeup artist myself, I quite often recommend loreal mascaras to clients on a budget. I generally like Splashout as a waterproof option for special occassions (i do a lot of special occassion makeup where mascara needs to hold up to sweat and tears!) and I personally like Lashout, the not waterproof version for bulk.

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