This One’s For The Guys

For all your beauty advice…or your Manly advice…

Welcome to a new installment of my blog! As I’ve been reviewing products and answering your beauty questions, I have had many requests to feature product reviews and advice that are “man-friendly”. The world of products geared toward our knights in shining armor is too large to feature in just one post, so I decided to turn the requests into a new column I will feature once a month. I know I have some male followers and I would like to say thank you. I hope you are enjoying what I have to say! I thought it was only fair to give the guys some tips. Read on and stay tuned…

Ever since the word “Metrosexual” was coined, it seems that men are coming out of the woodwork and openly pampering themselves. They’re no longer in the closet about getting massaged, manicured or even waxed! And I say, good for them! It’s about time…well, within reason. I like a well-groomed man, but I don’t want to be fighting for bathroom time or products. It’s great to see men becoming interested in grooming themselves or even indulging in spa treatments, but don’t go overboard! We still want you to be our big strong man, not soft and sweet…that’s our job!

 So, how does your basic red-blooded male whose grooming routine comes in the form of a bar of soap to clean everything, incorporate new products or habits into the daily routine? One step at a time. Introducing a new step into your daily routine can be overwhelming, but if you’ve never had a routine, it can be downright scary. If I were to advise you gentlemen on the most important step you probably aren’t doing, I would say moisturize!! I know so many guys that complain about being dry on certain spots of their face, like the sides of their nose or their eyebrows and it’s because they don’t put lotion on when they get out of the shower. I’ve overheard one guy commenting to another that sometimes they are envious when they see us women slathering on the lotion. Believe me guys, we are not going to think you are less masculine if you put on lotion. We know what it feels like to have tight, itchy skin and it’s annoying and sometimes unbearable! So, go ahead and start hydrating your skin…you will wish you always have! And us women will 100% understand and support your decision to moisturize…some women might even thank me for saying this because they’ve been trying to tell the man in their life this little piece of advice all along.

Go ahead and pay attention to your image. It shows you care about your appearance and you aren’t afraid to look your very best. Now, I’m not accusing you guys of looking like beasts, but the majority of the men I know feel uncomfortable asking for advice in the cosmetics department…kind of like how I feel in Home Depot.

Here are a few Do’s and Don’ts: Do have nice fingernails: chewed, bitten, or Heaven forbid, dirty fingernails are a major Don’t…enough said. Do trim or wax your eyebrows: I’m not saying you need to go into a spa and get your brows arched a-la-Angelina, but honestly there’s nothing wrong with removing unwanted hair in that area…if your brows have “mad scientist” bed-head in the morning you might want to tame them a bit…I’m just saying. DON’T take longer to get ready for the day than the woman in your life: we want you to care about how you look, but if we have to fight you for time in the bathroom, that’s just annoying! Do smell nice: most of the women I know really appreciate a good smelling guy. Don’t be afraid to ask questions when you’re searching for a product that will work for you: the people you meet who work in this industry have seen it all and will not judge you for wanting a man-friendly product. We’re excited about the brands that are geared toward men and we really do want to educate you on them because we know you’ll love them too.

Ok guys, now that I’ve given you my advice and opinion I would love to hear from you! What products are you curious about or have you tried and really like? What questions do you have for me that I can answer and give you a good starting point? I am really excited to open the door on this area of the industry. Please send me your questions or comments, I really look forward to them! And, if there are an abundance of questions coming in, I may start devoting an entire Q&A Monday to the men!

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