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It’s that time again! Monday morning, where I answer your beauty questions. I got some great questions this week. Read on about using sunscreen as a night cream, dealing with hair static and making your makeup stay put!

OK, so with watching money these days I often buy a store brand of beauty product. Recently I bought a Kroger version of Oil of Olay to use at night and JUST realized there is sunscreen in it. It was the generic version of the generic version…. Is this OK? Should I cease and desist using it?? What happens if I use sunscreen at night??? Kristine K.
Kristine, I know exactly the product you are talking about; I’ve bought it before in a pinch. Oil of Olay has come a long way with all the fancy skin care they have added to their line, but I advise you to stay away from the original…and the generic version of the original. Yes, it smells good and it kind of takes you back to the days of when grandma used it, but it’s full of mineral oil, which is not good for your skin, especially if it’s acne-prone. Mineral oil is not absorbed into your skin because the molecules are too large.  It just sits on top of your skin and clogs your pores. As for using sunscreen at night. Well, the verdict is still out on that. Some say it’s an extra layer of protection, but really you don’t need it because there isn’t any sun at night…at least not where I’m sleeping. Products that contain sunscreen are usually a little more expensive, so you don’t want to waste them by using them at night and spending more over time. Your skin heals itself at night and it needs to breathe, so I would skip the sunscreen. You can find an affordable night cream. I can’t suggest anything from the drug store, because I haven’t used those products in a long time. But, you can check a natural store like Whole Foods or Vitamin Cottage for an affordable night cream. If you try Sephora or a department store, ask for some samples to try. Their skin care experts can help you find the right cream for your needs.
What’s the best way to get rid of static and flyaway hair? It’s driving me nuts!! Susan B.
Susan, fighting static and flyaway hair is a big pain. I hate it when you get your hair just perfect, but soon it feels feather-light and it’s sticking to the side of your face/neck. It seems like the more you push your hair off your face, the more static you create. Spray your hands lightly with hairspray and run over your hair. That will stiffen your hair up and get the static to behave. Leave in conditioner on dry hair will help with this also, but use a very small amount. If you don’t have hairspray or leave in conditioner handy, try a little bit of lotion rubbed into your hands until it’s almost absorbed, then run your fingers through your hair to transfer that lotion onto your hair, weighing it down just enough to get the static out. I’ve recently come across a great product by Living Proof. Their Thickening Cream is amazing! It can be used on all hair types, even thick hair, for great body, shine and no static. My hair tends to have a lot of static in the winter months and this has really helped with that.
What am I doing wrong? I apply make-up then an hour later it’s gone! Help! Ange S.
Ange, I just recently wrote about using a primer before you apply your foundation (See The Purpose of Primer for more info). If you’re not using a primer before your foundation, I would suggest trying one. Primer forms a barrier between your skin and your makeup. It allows the makeup to adhere to that layer and not sink into your skin, making it last longer throughout the day. Primer will also help with giving you even coverage of your foundation. Also, use a good setting powder to keep makeup in its place all day long. My two favorites are Makeup Forever High Definition Loose Powder and Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder. Both are great in that final step of making your foundation stay put.
Once Again, I thank you for your questions. I really look forward to Q&A Monday. Keep the questions coming!!
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