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Is it Monday already? Wow! Where does the week go? Great questions this week about finding the right blush color, healing dry hands, and discovering the difference between hair gel and mousse. Once again, thank you for sending me your questions…keep them coming!

How do you know if you are wearing the right color of blush? What should I do when selecting one? Help!
-Clown in Long Beach

Dear Clown, finding the right blush can be tricky. Nothing is worse than applying a shade that looked ok in the package, only to have it turn an icky orange or a frightening shade of pink that is most unflattering to your skin tone. I am glad you asked me this question. Just recently, a very talented makeup artist gave me a great tip on finding the best blush for your skin tone. When you’re shopping for blush, look at the palm of your hand. The pink/orange tone that you see there is the best color for your cheeks. If you are at a place where there are testers of blush, stripe a few colors (I always choose 3) on your palm and see which color complements the color on your palm the most. There you have it, that’s your blush shade! Now that I have shared this with you, I hope you’ll actually enjoy shopping for blush!

Living in Colorado is tough enough on your face, but I wash my hands multiple times where I work and all the soap and water is wreaking havoc on my hands. They are dry and cracked and sometimes they bleed. Any suggestions on how to heal this…or at least deal with it? Kristine K.

Kristine, I feel your pain! This question brings me back to the wonderful days of cutting hair full-time. Between shampooing clients and constantly having my hands in water or touching wet hair, I dealt with this for a long time. It’s painful, it’s annoying and it’s unattractive! I highly recommend a glycerin-based lotion for your hands. Glysolid lotion and balm are the only things that saved my hands from this. It is 50 percent glycerin and contains no mineral oil or petroleum substitutes. It forms a light “shield” on your hands to protect from dehydration, but it also promotes healing from nicks or cuts. You can find it online glysolid.com and also on amazon.com. Give it a try, your hands will thank you!

What is the difference between hair gel and hair mousse? Won’t I get the same effect on my hair style no matter what? I thought as long as I had some kind of styling product in my hair, it would be “styled”…so which one do I use and for what purpose? Confused in Canon City

Well, Confused…you will be confused no more! To start, it is important to know that gel and mousse are two VERY different products, with different levels of hold that will give you different results. Key word here…different!  A small amount of mousse can add spring to curls and volume and movement to any style. Gel is best used to sculpt hair into a certain style; it can also create a wet look. Both products are great for defining styles, it all comes down to what look you want to achieve. Think of it this way…mousse is light, but full when it comes out of the container. Therefore, it will feel light on your hair, but add fullness to it when styled. Gel is a completely different consistency that will still give your hair style, but it will be more defined. Gel is best for shorter styles. If your hair is long and you’re trying to enhance curl or add volume, go for the mousse. I hope this clears up your confusion!

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