The Purpose of Primer

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We all know the purpose of using primer when we’re painting is to make sure the paint adheres better, even out the surface, increase the durability of the paint and to provide additional protection to the surface that is being painted. Hmmm…same points apply when you’re using a makeup primer. Primer helps to even out your skin tone, Hold your make up in place so it doesn’t come off as easy and it helps to smooth the surface of your skin for better application and stay power.

Why are there so many of them to choose from? It’s not just that every makeup line out there now has one, it’s that some of them have more than one to choose from, so what’s the deal? What are they all for and how do you decide which one is right for you? Well, there are many because our skin issues are many. If you have never used a primer and you have never had any problems with your makeup providing you the right coverage or not staying on all day, you’re lucky, and you probably don’t need to add this step into your daily routine. But for the rest of us…

You apply your makeup primer after your moisturizer and right before your foundation. The most popular primers are either silicone based or cream based. The silicone based ones are just like a gel that glide over your skin and feel like silk.  A couple great ones to try are Smashbox and Tarte. Cream primers feel like a very light lotion. Once applied, let it absorb into your skin and then apply your makeup like usual. I like Laura Mercier foundation primer and Makeup Forever primer; these are cream based.

So, why all the colors? If you’re shopping around you might notice not just a primer, but primers that come in colors. And these aren’t foundation colors they are coming in, we’re talking shades of the rainbow! Why would I put a green primer on my face? You might be surprised to learn that these bright colors can help tone down skin problems.

Here’s what I’ve learned about the base color in the world of primer: Green will help minimize redness. A green based primer is ideal for skin dealing with rosacea. Pink and purple based primer will brighten up a sallow complexion. Blue primer adds radiance to fair skin. Yellow based primer lightens up darker complexions. Bronze based primer is great for combating ashy-ness in skin and adding a warm glow. A lot to choose from, but don’t be intimidated. The color you see in the bottle is NOT going to be the color you see on your face. They are very sheer and lightweight and will help correct multiple skin issues and make your foundation look amazing!

What about eye and lip primer? They are designed to do the same thing that foundation primer does. I had a favorite eye shadow primer (see my post “Discontinued” for that debacle) but it went away and now I’m still on the hunt for a new one. One very popular one is by Urban Decay. It’s a cream based primer that you apply to your eyelids, let it absorb and your shadow is set for the day. A new one on the market now is Stay, Don’t Stray from Benefit. I am in the process of trying this one on for size and I’ll be reviewing it soon. I think eye shadow primer is a must-have! I love eye shadow and I really hate it when it creases. As for lip primer…I’ll be honest, I haven’t tried it so I don’t know if it’s necessary or not. Most lip sticks and glosses are made to last now, so I’ve never felt I’ve needed to prime my pucker.

What about you? Do you use makeup, eye or lip primer? If so, what are your favorites? I look forward to your thoughts on this subject.

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