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Good morning and happy Monday! I got some great questions this week, it was hard to choose which ones to feature! Read on about expensive skin care, whiter teeth, and peeling nails.

I wonder what you think of the cleanser and lotion from Dr. Perricone? I use their wrinkle cream, face wash, firming eye cream and moisturizer. Just wondering your opinion on this product since this line is kind of “spendy”. Kristi M.

Kristi, thanks for the question. I get asked variations of this a lot. People wondering if it’s worth it to spend so much on a certain line. The products in this line range from $35 to over $200. I think a lot of times, you are paying for the name on a brand, not just for the product. That’s not to say it isn’t good. It’s created by a very famous Dr. who has written numerous books on skin care and anti-aging benefits. But, I do believe that there are other anti-aging products on the market that have similar ingredients at a much lower cost. If it’s working for you and you can include it into your budget, stay with it! If you’re looking for something less expensive, there are things out there that will give you the same benefits. I have not tried Dr. Perricone myself, I’ll admit. The price tag has always scared me off. If you are wanting to change to a different, more affordable line, I would recommend bringing in your skin care with you when you shop around. The sales associate will be able to give you some good comparisons and find the right product for you.

Dear Brooke, I just got my teeth whitened at the dentist. What colors of lipstick will make them even whiter?? I want white like hollywood celebs! Melissa F.

Melissa, with all the magazines showing perfect smiles on our favorite movie stars, it does put a certain amount of pressure on us to keep up with our pearly whites, doesn’t it? Darker lipsticks make your teeth stand out because of the contrast, but make sure you are picking the right lipstick to show off your new smile. Stay away from anything with an orange or yellow base, they will make your teeth look yellow. Find a good red lipstick with a blue base to it. If you can’t tell if it has a blue base, ask the sales associate in the store to help you find one. Also, Sephora brand has a lip gloss that is bright blue in the tube, but goes on very sheer. It can be worn alone or over a lipstick you like to give you the blue base you want for whiter teeth. 

What is a good product to use on my nails to keep them from peeling?  They aren’t very strong, but even when they do grow, they often peel at the top!  Help! Jera D.

Jera, There are many reasons you are fighting your peeling nails. If your hands are in any kind of chemical solution throughout the day from cleaning that’s one reason. If your hands are immersed in water most of the day, that’s another reason. When I cut hair full-time, my hands and nails were so dry and my nails peeled all the time. A dry climate is another factor as well. I would reccommend a good cuticle cream or oil to put on throughout the day when you have time, and again at night right before bed. This doesn’t just nourish your cuticles, it will help your whole fingernail. Massage it in good all over the nail and then follow with a good hand cream. Keeping a strengthener on your nails will also help stop peeling. If you notice the clear polish peeling off your nail, try to resist picking at it and peeling it off the rest of your nails. If you peel your polish off, you are peeling off any moisture there may have been in your nail. Remove the polish and keep using that cuticle cream or oil. I really like Solar Oil by Creative. It’s very moisturizing and it smells really good. They now make Solar Balm, so if you don’t like the feel of oil you could try this product. It can be found online or wherever Creative Nail products are sold. I found the balm at enailsupply.com

Once again, thanks for the questions! Keep them coming for Q&A Monday!!

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