What I’m Loving Right Now and mmmmmm…What I’m Loving Right Now!

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When I do product reviews, I was thinking I would review a few that I really like and think are worth your time and money and put a review in there on a product I don’t think you should waste your time with. (See both What I’m Loving Right Now and mmmmmm…Not So Much posts). Maybe I woke up in a good mood today, or maybe I just couldn’t find fault with the products that caught my eye in my inventory this morning. Yes, the only way to refer to the amount of makeup, skin care, lotion, perfume, and hair products I have is to call it all inventory. And yes, one day I will post pictures of my makeup “altar” and all the goodies I have on there. As I was looking at the items that I wanted to review, I couldn’t find one this morning that I didn’t think you should at least try at some point, so I decided to end your work week with a good review on all the products I selected!

I’ll start with fragrance. I have a purse size fragrance by Fresh called Sugar. It’s light and has a slight note of citrus to it when you first spray it on. I never really thought sugar had a scent, but that’s the only way to describe this fragrance. It lasts all day and smells so good, you might want to lick your arm…but don’t, that’s gross. Fresh has a good collection of fragrances, but this one is by far my favorite. Check out their website at fresh.com or go to select Sephora stores to take a whiff!

My next product of the day is cream eye shadow by Benefit. I normally stay away from cream shadows because they crease so fast on me…I know, I know, there I go again with my oily skin. But I have to bring that up in talking about a cream eye shadow because usually that’s everyone’s biggest complaint with them. I’ve said it before, and you’ll hear me say it numerous times, Benefit rocks!!…they are one of the coolest lines I have ever used and they are always coming out with new and fun items. These shadows stay put all day and can be applied very sheer or as heavy as you want. They also double as an eyeliner, you just have to have an eyeliner brush and apply it on your lash line. A must have for everyone! With 13 shades to choose from, I am sure you’ll find one that’s right for you. Find them at benefitcosmetics.com or Sephora and Macy’s as well.

I’ve been getting a lot of questions on how to deal with dry lips, especially during the winter season. I’ll be featuring one of those questions soon in my Q&A Monday, but I have two favorite products that I like to use on my dry lips. The first one is a lip balm I just happened to pick up one day at Walgreen’s. Yes, I said Walgreen’s. It’s called Lypsyl and it’s a Beeswax based product. It feels so good on my lips and it has just the right amount of minty-ness to it. It’s similar to Burt’s Bees lip balm, but I like this one a little better. For only about $4, I highly recommend it. The second product I like for dry lips is Smith’s Rosebud Salve. This is definitely a multitasker! Not only is it great for dry and chapped lips, but you can also use it for rough cuticles, dry spots on your skin, diaper rash, burns, etc. It has a very light powdery rose scent to it and it feels amazing when you put it on. The little tin it comes in is really not that little and it sells for $6 and will last so long. You can find it at Sephora or online at drugstore.com. I use it on my lips every night before I go to sleep and my lips feel very soft when I wake up. Note: the rose scent in this product is so light, it won’t bother men to use it…it really is for everyone!

That’s what I’m loving right now! Have you tried any of the featured products today? If so, what do you think? I look forward to the replies!

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