Might as well face it, I’m addicted to smudge

For all your beauty advice…

Years ago when I worked at Nordstrom, I fell in love with an eyeshadow from MAC. The color is called Sketch and I think MAC still makes it. I really liked the dark burgundy shade and the texture was very nice, too. I was a little intimidated to put something so dark on my eyes until one of the makeup artists suggested I try using it as an eyeliner. Well, I didn’t know you could do that…I guess I figured there were rules, but there really aren’t. Playing with the products and experimenting with new colors is the only way to learn. The best time to try something new is when you are ready to wash your face for the night. Put on that dark eyeshadow or red lipstick and play around with the new things you’ve heard about and have been wanting to try. You’re getting ready to take it off for the night anyway, right? That’s how I introduce new techniques and color palettes into my routine, by trying them out before bed time just to see how it looks.

Most people know that there are 2 kinds of eyeliners, liquid and pencil. I don’t have a very steady hand when it comes to trying liquid liner, so I have always stayed away from it. In the last few years the newest rage in eyeliner has come in the form of a smudgepot…or a cream eyeliner. Stila calls theirs Smudgepots and that’s just what I’ve started calling all cream eyeliner. I’ve had the opportunity to use quite a few of these: Smashbox, Buxom and Lauren Luke all make great ones. I resisted using these for a long time because I thought they would be just as hard to apply as liquid. Not true. Even the most shaky hand can put this product on…like a lot of things, it just takes a little bit of practice.

The easiest way to describe how to put this on is playing connect the dots. You apply this product with a brush. Someone where you purchase this from can help you find the right brush. Some of them will come with the brush included. Get a small amount of the cream liner on the brush and starting at the outer corner of the eye and working your way in, dot the product onto your lash line. After you have finished drawing the dots, go back to where you started, no need to apply more product to the brush, and “connect” the dots together with the brush. There! That wasn’t so hard, was it? Now you’re done! I admit I was intimidated by this product at first, but I gave it a try and now I think it’s one of the easiest things to apply.

Since this trend has started, it seems like everyone has gotten on the band-wagon. I mentioned a few brands that I like above, but lately I’ve noticed that they are everywhere. L’Oreal and Maybelline just came out with their version of these liners available in stores all over the place. I haven’t tried these two brands yet, but they’re both getting great reviews! They range in price anywhere from $10-$12. Really, they aren’t so different in price from what you find in a department store. I know Clinique retails for $14.50 and Buxom is $15. The prices go up from there on fancier brands.

At first these smudges only came in your classic brown and black. Not anymore. You can find these in so many different colors now, it’s hard to choose just one! Some brands have them in a palette so you can sample the different colors out there. I am addicted! Once you get used to applying this cream eyeliner, I think you will love it, too. I find I use very little of it, so the ones that I have will last me forever…now I just need to add to them and start playing with some color! Oh, and a nice side benefit I’ve gotten since mastering the smudge? Liquid eyeliner stopped being so scary and now I’ve mastered that as well!

You’ve Been Beautified!

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