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It’s Monday! The day of the week I answer your questions regarding any beauty issue you may have. I look forward to all the research I get to do when you send me your questions, keep them coming! 

Hi, I really like your blog and what you can tell us about beauty issues! I have a question. I’ve always used Neutrogena Intensive wrinkle cream, day, night and eyes. It is not the most inexpensive product. Is there a product that is about the same; less expensive and also for a sensitive skin with easy breakouts? Ellen 

Hi Ellen. Thanks for the compliment and the question. In researching an answer for you, I have good news and I have bad news. I’ll start with the bad news…finding a specialty product that is less expensive than what you are using isn’t easy. Most anti-aging products are priced higher than your basic everyday creams. What you are using right now is probably the most inexpensive wrinkle cream you’re going to find that gives you results. The good news? If you’re ok with spending a little extra on yourself (and why not? you deserve it) there are some great products you can try and still stay in the same price range. Check out the Timewise line from Mary Kay. It’s affordable and it’s a great line. The only drawback from using a product from a home-based business is you can’t just go and pick it up at the store, but it’s easy enough to find a consultant and if she’s serious about her business, she’ll get it to you fast and probably give you some great samples to try. If you like what you’re using and it’s doing a good job, stick with it! Neutrogena has some great products! 

How do you avoid those nasty red bumps from shaving your bikini line? With summer fast approaching, I need some way to sport the swimsuit without looking like I’ve got hives! Help!
-Scared for Swimsuit Season

SSS, there’s no need to fear swimsuit season. With how I have been eating this winter, red bumps on my bikini line are the least of my worries when it comes to wearing a bikini! There are some products out there to keep your fears at bay, but let me give you a few tips first. Shaving your bikini line can be a hassle, but you can get good results if you do it right. Always use a new razor and make sure the area you are shaving is softened by warm water. If you are out of the shower and trying to do this fast, lay a warm, wet wash cloth on the area for a few minutes to soften your skin. Use a thick shaving cream or gel and make sure you shave in the direction of the hair growth. Two great products that keep those red bumps away are Bikini Zone and Tend Skin. Tend Skin just came out with a roller ball design for easy application. Bikini Zone can be found at drug stores and Tend Skin can be found at Sephora. 

How do I get rid of the dark, puffy circles that seem to be building up steam under my eyes after putting in so many long hours at work…followed by too many sleepless nights?
Truly Sleepless in Seattle

Sleepless, I get this question, and a variation of it, a lot. It seems none of us get enough sleep anymore. Getting less than the recommended amount of shut-eye can leave your eyes looking puffy. I just came across a great product by Bliss that was invented for this exact issue. Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Eye Mask (say that three times fast!) It’s a 15 minute pick-me-up for under your eyes. Place these eye pads under your eyes and let them work their magic. I love this product! The cooling sensation it gives you will wake you up faster than a cup o’ joe! It’s on the pricey side, but worth it. I don’t usually recommend “faking it”, but this product is an exception…you can fake a full 8 hours with this mask! 

Tune in next Monday for more Q&A. Keep those questions coming ladies…and any guys out there, I’m here for you too! 

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