An Ocean of Lotion

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Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!! We hear it all the time. From our Dermatologist to our esthetician (that’s who does your facials, by the way.) We even hear it on TV, how important it is to add moisture to your skin. Nothing is worse than showering, drying off and getting dressed for the day and then realizing you forgot to put lotion on your body. That tight, itchy feeling your skin gets can drive you crazy all day! Moisturizer on your face is obvious because we don’t put clothes on our face, at least I don’t, so if we forget face cream it’s not a big deal to put some on. I’m focusing on body lotions and creams here.

Lotion has come a long way if you think about it. It used to be you could go to the store and pick up body lotion and there were only a few to choose from. Now, when you browse the aisles looking for a good lotion there are so many to choose from it’s an ocean of lotion! Bottles advertising deep moisture, firming action, tanning, you name it. They are in the form of creams, lotions and the one that has gotten really popular of late: body butter. I’ve been obsessed with moisturizing my skin for a long time. I’ve probably tried almost every lotion known to man that’s on the market. Let me tell you about my favorites.

I’ve picked up lotions that range anywhere from $3 to $30 (I’ll apologize for keeping that from my husband until now). If you’re looking for an everyday lotion for all over your body, I have two favorites. I like Suave Cocoa Butter with Shea and I also really like Hempz Herbal Moisturizer. The Suave brand won’t break the bank, but the Hempz brand might have to be factored into your budget. Both of these products have a nice smell and they feel good on your skin. The consistency isn’t too thick and it absorbs fast so you don’t have to wait around for it to sink into your skin.

Let’s talk about Body Butter. My first experience with this was when Bath & Body Works came out with Body Butters to complement their lines. It is very thick and takes a while to absorb into your skin. One time, I was away from home and I didn’t have any lotion, but I had Body Butter. In a pinch, I decided to use that all over. I really didn’t like it as an all over product. It felt like it never soaked in and my skin felt greasy all day long. If you find that to be a problem, I suggest saving this product for intense moisturizing. Example: I put it on my feet before I work out and when I’m done, my feet are very soft. Also, you can put it on your feet and then put socks on before you go to bed and moisturize overnight. I have come across some Body Butters that aren’t as thick and I really like them. Pacifica has a great one and so does Bliss. The Bliss brand is on the pricey side, but really, there’s a reason it’s called Bliss…it’s that nice.

Now for the fancy products that claim to firm, tan, slow hair growth, or cleanse and moisturize at the same time. I’ve tried the lotions that claim to add color to your skin over time and claim they are streak free. I like to think I know what I’m doing when applying lotion, but any time I’ve ever tried one of those, within days I end up with orange stripes on my legs. I stay away from them…and unless you have figured out how to truly use them, I suggest you do the same. Another one I struck out with are the lotions that claim to inhibit hair growth so you can go longer between shaving or waxing. Whatever the chemical is that’s used in those lotions just burns my skin so that went right into the trash. The only firming moisturizer I’ve ever tried is Amazing Graze Firming Body Emulsion by Philosophy. I like it a lot. It smells nice and has a light texture that absorbs fast. I did notice a difference in my skin becoming firmer, but it’s not a miracle product that is going to erase cellulite or melt fat. It’s pretty pricey, over $30, but it’s very nice. If you’re in the mood to indulge, this would be a great purchase for you.

What about the products that claim to have “ribbon” of moisturizer in them and allow you to cleanse your skin and add lotion to it at the same time? Well, what I learned with hair products that claim to be 2-in-1 and shampoo and condition at the same time I believe applies to shower gel that claims the same thing. Cleansing and moisturizing are two totally different steps and it’s impossible to do both at the same time. That’s  not to say that your skin won’t feel softer after using one of those shower gels, but you’ll probably still need lotion once you dry off from your shower. I know I did.

What are your favorite lotions? If you’ve tried any of the ones I’ve mentioned here, I would love to read your opinion.

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