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Most of us multitask on a daily basis…we seem to have so much to do! Between work, home and the kids, we find a way to get multiple things done at once. So, if we can multitask in those areas of our lives, wouldn’t it be awesome if we could multitask during our beauty routine? Yes, it would be awesome and yes, it can be done. Read on for some thoughts on how to put your best face forward with these multitaskers…

The first step we take with our ritual every day is to cleanse our skin. Finding an exfoliating cleanser is a great way to add that important step so many of us put off. You can find these in the form of a cleansing wipe that also doubles as your washcloth. Olay makes a good cleansing wipe; Dove has a good one as well…and they’re great for travel!  Or find a foaming cleanser that has scrub in it. These are not hard to find because it seems that almost all skin care lines you look at will have an exfoliating cleanser. Neutrogena Visibly Clear Scrub is a great one you can find at drugstores. You probably want to use that about 3 days a week, daily use might irritate your skin.  Another great shower multitasker is Paul Mitchell The Conditioner. This is definitely an old-school product. It has been around forever and I don’t see it going anywhere. It’s a great every day conditioner for your hair,  but it can also be used to shave your legs. The Paul Mitchell line was so proud of that fact, they used to attach a disposable razor to this product in stores. Looking for a shower gel that can double as a shampoo, but smells so good you can also get a great bubble bath from it? Look no further than Philosophy 3-in-1 shower gels. They have some awesome scents…everything from birthday cake, caramel apple, bubble gum, oatmeal cookie scent and even margarita scent! Philosophy got these fragrances right on the nose, I swear you can taste these things when you smell them!  MMM….

We all know how important it is to moisturize and protect your skin. Many moisturizers have SPF added so there’s no need for that extra step, but now you can get tinted moisturizer that has SPF. So, not only are you moisturizing and protecting, you can also even out your skin tone at the same time. 3 steps in one taken care of! I don’t think there is a makeup line out there now that doesn’t offer tinted moisturizer as part of their lineup. 2 great products that include a higher level of SPF in them that I highly recommend are Laura Mercier with an SPF of 20 and Stila tinted moisturizer with an SPF of 30.

So, now that we’ve cleansed, exfoliated, shaved, shampoo-ed, moisturized, protected, and tinted in just a few short steps, what’s next? A great way to “put your face on” fast, is with Nars The Multiple. This looks like a stick foundation that comes in a variety of colors. Just one stick can be used as an eye shadow, a blush, a highlighter or even a lipstick. Check out for the full line of colors!

One of my favorite multitaskers: Tinted lip balm. This is a great product that I keep on hand at all times. It’s perfect for finishing your look if you’re just wanting a touch of color on your lips but you still need to treat dry or chapped lips. Throw one in your purse for touchups. A couple of brands I have tried and liked are Burt’s Bees (quite a few colors to choose from in that line and only $5.00), Sugar Rose tinted lip balm by Fresh (really nice, but pricey $22.50), Korres tinted lip butter (just a few shades to choose from but only $9.00).

Try to include even one of these multitasking steps into your daily routine and you could have enough time to make yourself breakfast instead of grabbing it on the go!

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