Family Spa Night II

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I love Tuesdays…the day when I get the ads in the mail for Sunflower Market, Sprouts and King Soopers. The sales they advertise on produce are great and I look forward to seeing what I can get for a steal every week. Dork Alert, I know! We tend to favor Sunflower Market and really stock up on their fresh produce. I’ve noticed lately that the sales have been so good, we end up getting way more than we can ever finish and within a week or so, that fresh produce isn’t so fresh anymore and it ends up in the trash. I try to encourage everyone in the house to grab fruit when they want a snack, but sometimes potato chips seem so much more appealing than an apple! I love looking at recipes for natural skin care online and trying them out. There are tons out there to try, and the benefits of fruit on your face are about as good as fruit in your body.

I was sick of wasting fresh fruit so I thought I would get creative and see what I could come up with for some fun spa treatments. Once my family knew what I was doing, they were all in…husband included! Here is what I had left in the fruit bowl. 4 kiwi fruits that were starting to resemble raisins, 3 pears that were so soft if you tested their firmness, your finger ended up inside the fruit, 3 lemons, and 6 grapefruits! That was a lot of fruit we were going to have to toss. I juiced the lemons and the grapefruits and put them in separate cups. After doing some research on grapefruits I found out how awesome it is for your skin (brightens and exfoliates) and I made a toner. I took 1 cup of fresh grapefruit juice and 1/2 cup of distilled water, mixed it together and put it in the refrigerator for an after mask and every day toner. This can be done with lemon, too.

The mask I came up with was pretty cool. I pureed the kiwi and the pear together with a little bit of water and refrigerated it. I let it sit in the fridge for about an hour. When we were ready to mix the mask, I added a very small amount of the fresh lemon juice…maybe half a teaspoon. Then I added a 1/4 cup of yogurt and a drizzle of honey. We mixed it all together and applied the mask. Applying this was fun because we were all painting this mixture on each other’s faces, but what really had us going was how cold this mask was! It was certainly invigorating after being refrigerated for an hour. Warning!! This mask is pretty intense for young skin, with all the natural acids in the fruit, and my 9-year-old said hers was burning within minutes of applying this. Please do a small test patch on your, or your child’s skin, to make sure they don’t react…oops! We made sure to have her rinse right away. My 11-year-old has dealt with blackheads and breakouts on her nose and around her hairline so I thought this would be good for her. The rest of us could feel it working and left it on 5-10 minutes. My kids have fun licking it off their faces, too! When we rinsed we used the kiwi seeds as a scrub for a more intense clean.

After we had the mask rinsed off, we applied the grapefruit toner I had made earlier, and moisturizer to follow. All of us were amazed at how soft our skin felt after this mask. The next morning, my 11-year-old daughter’s skin looked amazing! Any breakouts she was having seemed to have diminished in appearance and redness and she had a beautiful glow about her. I have used the toner every night since I made it and I have noticed my skin looking brighter and feeling a lot softer as well. If you make this toner, keep it refrigerated, it should last about 2 weeks.

These were some simple, yet fun ideas for a mask and a toner. It was fun to get everyone off the couch and into the kitchen helping out. Some homes have family game night…this house has family spa night. Stay tuned for more kitchen ideas and please feel free to tell me about your skin care recipes! I would love to try them and tell you about my experience!

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