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It’s that time again! Wow, did a week go by already? Last week I featured Q&A Monday. I got some great questions and I continue to get them daily. It was hard to choose which ones to feature this week, but I feel like I chose well. I even learned some new things in researching the answers!

What is the standard time to replace the top items in my makeup loot? Mascara, Eye Shadow, eyeliner, foundation, blush/bronzer? Kambria M.
This is a great question, and I hear this one all the time. The standards vary product to product. Typically, liquid foundation and concealor should be replaced every 6 months. If the liquid starts to separate before then, it’s time to toss it. That means it’s gone bad. Mineral foundations, which look like loose powder, tend to last longer…9 months to one year. Face powder and blush/bronzer you can hold on to for 6-9 months. Eye shadow every 3-6 months. Lipstick needs to be replaced after a year, but if it’s discolored or smells funny before then, get rid of it. Mascara and eyeliner need to be replaced every 3 months. This one is hard because some of the best mascara’s out there can be pretty expensive, but the eye is a breeding ground for germs, and if you hang on to some of these items, you could get an infection. I think we’ve all been guilty of holding on to mascara for a little too long, but if you still have that one little Lancome or Clinique one that you got with a Gift With Purchase 2 years ago floating around in your purse…toss that sucker…it’s time.
What can I use to get rid of those awful age spots on my face?  Jeanne L.
The appearance of Age Spots, Liver Spots, Brown Spots etc. can all be the cause of many factors. Sun exposure over the years and certain medications can contribute to these spots showing up where we least want them. I came across a great product from DDF that is called Protect and Correct. It protects daily with an SPF of 15, but it also corrects hyper-pigmentation and prevents future spots. It’s $60 for 1.7 oz. A little bit of an investment, but it works great. That’s one way to go if you want to try some new products, but a natural way to reduce the color of the spots is with lemon juice. Yes, lemon is a multi-tasker! It can be used to bleach hair, add flavor to food, and lighten age spots. I keep fresh lemon juice in my refrigerator often. The best way to use it is to put a little on a cotton ball and apply to the spots twice daily. I would recommend doing this after you cleanse your face and right before you moisturize. A.M and P.M. You should start noticing a difference in 6-8 weeks. That might not be as fast as you would see results with the face cream, but it sure is cheaper! And always remember to apply SPF daily, even if it’s cloudy out, you still need protection!
I work some crazy retail hours and at times have a late shift followed by an early one the next morning. After trying to relax enough to go to sleep, my sleep is often brief and I wake up looking dull and haggard. My skin is dry, lifeless, and has no glow at all. It’s like a retail hangover. Is there a wonder product or tip to brighten my face a bit so I don’t look so worn out? Kristine K.
Before I answer your question Kristine, let me start by saying: I don’t know how you do it. It really takes a special someone to work crazy retail hours without having to be admitted into an institution. I know because I tried it over Christmas and practically had a break-down! So, Cheers to you for handling the craziness…we need people like you so we can shop and have a good experience! There are a couple things you can do to brighten up a dull complexion. Make sure you exfoliate 2 times a week to remove dead surface skin cells that can clog pores. A brightening toner works great and feels good too. Take 1/2 cup of freshly squeezed grapefruit juice mixed with 1 cup distilled water and refrigerate. The grapefruit will brighten your skin over time and the cool feeling of the refrigerated toner is amazing! Also, even with your hectic schedule, take a few minutes at night (You’ve earned it!) and really massage your night cream into your skin. Don’t just apply it and let it soak in, massage in upward strokes on your face and neck. Not only will this feel really good, but the massage will help tighten and tone your facial muscles and increase blood circulation for radiant skin. And a tip I’ve never tried but has always intrigued me? Fill your sink with ice cubes and water and take the plunge! That is supposed to freshen up your skin and really get the circulation going for the day. It might be worth it on the days you have to wake up before the sun.
Thank you to everyone who has sent me questions, they will be featured soon. And thank you to everyone who continues to send me questions…keep them coming!
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