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Last week, I posted a review of three products. Two of them I thought were fabulous, one of them…not so much! I like the idea of reviewing 3 products in one post. It’s informative and a small variety. I thought of doing up to 5 products in one review, but I think 3 is good; it’s not too overwhelming. This week, I am reviewing products I have used for a long time. It’s hard to review a product I have only had for a short time, you don’t really know what the long-term results of a skin care item are going to be in just one week or so. This weeks products fall into all different categories…skin care, makeup and fragrance.

Product #1: Tarte Natural Cheek Stain in Flush. Tarte is an awesome line! One very beneficial thing about working at Sephora is all the training they give you. I’ll miss that when I am not there anymore. Not only do they teach you about all new products, but they teach you about the history of a product line. It’s interesting to hear about how some things come to life. What I learned about Tarte is that a woman named Maureen Kelly started this line in 1999. She wasn’t a makeup artist, but she loved makeup. Her goal was to find the healthiest ingredients for her products. I was told it wasn’t moving as fast as she wanted it to and she was getting discouraged. On the brink of deciding to give it all up, she lost her husband in the 9/11 attacks in New York City. This was her wake up call to dig in and do it, and boy did she! It’s a really inspirational story about not giving up and rebuilding your life. Anyway…I used to be afraid of cheek stains. I’ve said before that I have oily skin so anything that feels creamy or sticky, I stay away from. I decided to get over myself and try one of the stains. Now, when you check these out at your local Sephora, don’t freak out by the colors! They look very dark in the packaging, but they go on very sheer. The one I use looks like a dark, dark red/purple in the tube, but it goes on a nice pink and just gives my cheeks a subtle flush…hence the color name, Flush. It lasts all day, too! It’s got Acai fruit extract, Pomegranate extract and Goji berry extract. These all work to fight free radicals, brighten the skin, and they have anti-aging properties in them. Used over time, your skin starts to look amazing! It retails for $28 and it will last forever. A must have for everyone if you ask me! You can find this and all other awesome Tarte products at tartecosmetics.com and sephora.com.

Product #2: Pacifica Solid Perfume in Lotus Garden Solid perfumes are a thing of beauty! I love how they aren’t messy and they don’t feel sticky after you’ve applied them. At least this one doesn’t. Pacifica is a fun line of perfumes, home fragrances and body lotions. They make all kinds of wonderful smelling stuff…All their products smell like a vacation. (If I can remember correctly what a vacation is) Check out their site at pacificaperfumes.com. Lotus Garden fragrance is one of my favorites by this line. I don’t know exactly what notes of fragrance are in this scent, I just know I like it…a lot! It’s a good mix of floral, fruity and citrus. I like to mix the Lotus Garden solid perfume  with the Tuscan Blood Orange scent from this same line. Layering fragrances is a lot of fun and I like to wear more than one at a time. These solid fragrances retail for $9, so stock up and start layering!!

Mmmmmm…not so much: Pharmagel Firming Eye Gel. I bought this a few months ago at my beauty supply. I was using the cleanser and lotion in their skin care line and thought I would add an eye cream. I chose this gel based eye treatment because of my oily skin, but I didn’t like how it felt and I never saw any changes in the skin under my eyes. Not worth the retail price of $32. I highly recommend everything else in this line, but they missed the mark with the Firming Eye Gel.

I hope you enjoyed reading my review. Let me know if there is a product you are curious about, I’ll let you know what I think! Stay tuned for the next review.

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