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Welcome to a new installment of Brookeknowsbeauty! Every Monday, I will be answering your questions about hair, nails, skin care, etc. I will give you my opinions on products you ask about, give you insider tips and give you advice on your questions. Please feel free to send me questions by replying to this post! This week, I emailed a large group of women and asked them to fire away with questions for me and I received a lot of great ones. I will try to answer as many questions as I can a week, but if you don’t see your question here don’t worry, I will try to feature it in a later post. Here we go:

I have a date tomorrow, my toes are french pedicured, but what color on my fingers will be sexy and modern????? LBseaHAG
French pedis are very cute and always look great. Sexy and modern on the fingernails…go for something dark and bold like a deep red/brown or dark purple. This allows you to have some fun, but still keep it neutral. I’ve seen some really cool blues and greens, but save those for date 3 or 4. From what I’ve heard, guys tend to be a little put off by crazy colors at first. Let him get to know you before you unleash all the fun nail polish colors! Have fun!!
I want a big change with my hair and my hubby wants me to go dark and shorter. I am afraid to go dark. What is your opinion on this?? How is the best way to pick a good color for your hair for your skin tone and face shape or does that even matter? Thanks for all your help!! I love the blog btw!! Kristi M. 
I would suggest going darker in stages. A great way to do this is to start adding lowlights to your hair instead of just taking the plunge and doing all over dark…that would be pretty drastic. Face shape doesn’t really matter with color, that’s more with cut. But do keep in mind that if you are going to go darker, you will need to make some small adjustments with your makeup application as well…slightly darker eye shadows, liner, etc. Good luck and let me know if you have any other q’s. Glad you are enjoying the blog!
How do I get rid of dark circles under my eyes? Jennifer B.
A great way I’ve discovered to start healing those circles is to take used tea bags and refrigerate until they’re nice and cold. Green and Black tea work the best for this. (herbal tea like chamomile won’t help) make sure it’s caffeinated because the caffeine helps with any puffiness. Cucumbers, raw potato and even kiwi are also helpful with reducing puffiness and improving circulation. Try doing this a couple times a week, you should notice a difference within a month. Benefit Cosmetics makes a good eye cream called Eyecon…it works on fading dark circles and any fine lines (not that we have any, right?). A good concealer always works wonders, too! Hope this helps! 
If you could make over any celebrity, who would it be and what would you do? Thanks, Holly Would
Love the name, Holly…If I could make over any celebrity…hmmmm, that’s a tough one. The entertainment industry is all about glamour and people have full-time jobs making celebrities look gorgeous so it’s hard to choose one.  After looking at some magazines this weekend, I came across a picture of Rachel McAdams. She is beautiful, but her blonde hair is washing that beauty out. I would give her a medium brown hair color with caramel colored highlights à la Jennifer Aniston. Maybe she colored her hair for a movie, maybe not. Either way, it’s all wrong for her and I would love to get my hands on that hair! If I could choose celebrities to make under, I would choose Mariah Carey and give her clothes in her size…she dresses way too tight for that figure. She needs to celebrate those curves, not suffocate them in her clothes! And, I would love to get the chance to do some reconstruction on any of the over made Housewives on Bravo.
I look forward to any questions you have for me…keep them coming!
You’ve been  beautified!


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