What I’m loving right now and mmmmmm…not so much!

For all your beauty advice…

I have a lot of makeup…a lot. I am sometimes embarrassed by the amount of “stuff” I have in my bathroom. Once upon a time I worked at one of the L’Occitane boutiques (this is pronounced lox-ee-tahn). They have incredible products there! When I worked there and we were doing a floor change, a very unique display piece was about to be thrown away. I couldn’t let that happen, so I took it home with me to organize my makeup. It is made of wood and has levels that resemble stairs and many compartments on the sides. A friend of mine once deemed it “the altar”. I’ll try to post a picture of it one day. I definitely had plenty to fill it up and I am constantly rotating my products around and rearranging it. It’s a very cool piece and I feel like it was made just for me. I have enough products on this “altar” to keep me busy experimenting, and now writing. I will post on here weekly about what products I am in love with and which ones I kind of wish I never met. Here are two products I am loving this week…

Product #1: Laura Mercier Shimmer Lip Colour  in Amaretto. It’s kind of a mauvey-bronzy-brown. It’s a good neutral and can be worn with a light lipliner and a shimmery gloss on top of it for a daytime look. If you want to take it into an evening look, just apply it a little heavier and top with a bronze gloss. Laura Mercier products are very nice to touch and she’s an amazing makeup artist. This lipstick goes on so smooth, I often reach for it over lip balm when my lips are feeling dry. It retails for $22.  Some may think this is way too much to spend on a lipstick… my husband sure does. It’s not the cheapest thing in the world, but it will last you a long time, so if you break it down over the 3 or 4 months it will last you, then really it’s not that bad. You just have to get over the initial sticker shock and know it’s going to be around for awhile.

Product #2: Benefit “Honey…snap out of it!” scrub. I love Benefit for a number of reasons. (I don’t like them for discontinuing my favorite product. To see more on that look at my blog titled “Discontinued”) This is a great scrub that can be incorporated into any skin care regime. It’s made with honey, Vitamin E, and finely crushed almonds for a great scrubby texture. It smells awesome and so far, I’m loving it! It can also be used as a mask for a deeper cleansing experience. It reccommends use in the a.m. but using it at night is just fine, too. It retails for $28, so it’s a bit of an indulgence, but I think it’s worth it. You won’t be using it every day; my guess is it will last 4 months or more so when you break the initial price down, it’s affordable.  My personal experience is, I like to feel like a scrub is really “scrubbing” my skin, but of course not taking off a full layer like using a Brillo pad might feel. Definitely worth it, so next time you’re in the market for an exfoliator, this one is a great one to try! Hint: A little really does go a long way with this product…no need to use a ton!

So, this week I am loving Laura Mercier Shimmer Lip Colour and Benefit “Honey…Snap Out Of It!” Scrub. Two great products that have made me happy!

Mmmmmm…not so much: Maniac Liner by Sephora has truly disappointed me. This was surprising, because I really like the Sephora Collection and I’m not just saying that because I work there. This liner enticed me for a few reasons. First, it was really affordable. $6.00 for a lip liner? I’ll take all of them!! It has the liner on one end and a brush for your lipstick or gloss on the other end. Great packaging, too! However, the liner is very dry and falls out of the pencil. It is impossible to sharpen and that’s just irritating! I think I have only been able to use this product once and it was a struggle to get it to go on my lips. I got hooked on the Sephora Collection when the store first became popular. What enticed me was the price of everything in the line is so affordable. The glosses are amazing and the eyeshadows come in so many colors, it’s hard to choose. I was excited to try this lip liner because I liked the neutral brown it came in. But, in the end, this lip liner did nothing for me. I don’t reccommend it at all. I do know that Sephora recently reformulated a lot of their eyeshadows and lipsticks, so maybe this one is going to get a makeover? It can use it!

I hope you enjoyed reading my review. Let me know if there is a product you are curious about, I’ll let you know what I think!

You’ve been beautified!

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