Long toenails…cool or creepy?

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A truly fantastic friend of mine posed this question to me today (Yes Kim, you are that friend!) Long toenails…cool or creepy? For some reason, letting your toenails grow has become a bit of a trend. I have seen a lot of matching manicures and pedicures that have quite a bit of nail art on them. I admire people who can do nail art, it is a true talent. But, I think the whole long toe nail thing is a little creepy. I wanted to do some research on this subject and when I googled “long toenails” I was pretty disgusted with what images popped up. I just wanted to see what the trend was all about, not have my eyes subjected to the horror that I saw! I don’t even know if I have the ability to grow my toenails that long, but I do know I sure as heck will never try!

It takes a lot to really gross me out. Cutting hair and doing manicures and pedicures in a beauty school that was right next door to a senior high-rise, I’ve seen it all!! Hair and nails that have fully gone through the aging process will toughen up even the most squeamish person! I’ll spare all of you the interesting details/insider information on giving someone a pedicure…there are certain things that are better left unsaid! I know a lot of people who won’t even look at someone’s feet without freaking out. I am cracking up right now as I’m trying to write this and give an honest, professional opinion on this subject! I can think of quite a few angles I could go with this, but I think I will just get to the point and say: No, it is not cool. It is creepy and unattractive and I honestly don’t know why people are doing this!

That’s not to say that nail art and fun colors don’t look great on a nicely pedicured foot, they do. With spring right around the corner, spas and salons will soon be booked solid with women who want some fancy looking feet. I just hope that everyone takes it to heart that really, the length of the toenail should not exceed that of the toe itself. There are enough ways to bling yourself out and accessorize your nails without growing out what I call a “monkey toe”. If I  have thoroughly grossed any of you out, I apologize  but just know, it could have been worse…a lot worse. Toe-tally bad! Sorry…couldn’t resist!

You’ve been beautified!

4 thoughts on “Long toenails…cool or creepy?

  1. Kambria

    I agree, long toenails are very creepy!
    I saw someone get gel nails put on her toes once. They looked nice, but really? Now that is just crazy.

  2. Andy

    I disagree. I personally think, ofcourse as long as they are clean and very well kept, that toenails as well as fingernails look prettier and more attractive when they show some length. Preferably nicely painted. Short stubby toenails and especially fingernails are a turn-off for me 🙂 Everyone has their preferances, right? And I know for a fact that I am not alone in this, by far!

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